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Outdated BetterMerchants 0.09a (Enraged Koala)

Improving your shopping experience, one shop at a time.

  1. 0.09a - Misc. bug fixes

    - Fixed Iron Chunk to Iron Bar recipe in Furnaces
    - Renamed all new furnace itemIDs in the mod to fix Industrialization conflicts
    - Those with old furnaces should not fret, as there is an included minor mod to turn the previous furnaces into the new ones. See below for more information​
    - Fixed issue with bm_blockcrate.object
    - Shipping Merchant now uses proper shop inventory
    - Also increased prices for larger containers from 500 to 1500​
    - Slightly updated Signal Station graphic

    New Temporary Add-on Mod:
    - BetterMerchantsTempFurnaceConverter.modpack
    - Allows conversion of furnaces crafted in the last version to the new furnaces in this one
    - Stick them in a Stone Furnace (or similar) to convert them
    - After conversion, please delete mod​
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