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Outdated BetterMerchants 0.09a (Enraged Koala)

Improving your shopping experience, one shop at a time.

  1. 0.08 - The Balancing Update


    Hello Starbounders! This is a medium-sized update, but let it be known that we at BM Co. spent quite a while perfecting it.

    This time around, the focus was not about introducing new items, but perfecting our delivery systems so that you, the customer, would have a much easier time accessing merchandise.

    In addition to the release of the Accelerated Signal Station MK. IV, our associates at BlackMarket Industries have agreed to host frequency emitters which, when utilized properly, will enable you, the consumer, to access any and all BetterMerchants Spawners and Displays with little to no hassle.

    Much smaller changes have been made to go along with the upgrades, and the merchandise licensed from the OreFarming Co. has even received an update!

    There is far too much to cram into a letter, so Mackinz will explain the changes in much greater detail.


    - Archer, Owner of BetterMerchants Co.

    0.08 Change Log

    - New Object: Signal Station
    - 500 Pixels at Metalwork Station
    - On Pickup:
    - Learn crafting recipes for Blank Display and BlackMarket Goon Spawner​
    - Used to craft all Spawners and "Displays"
    - Has rudimentary sorting ability:
    - "materials" corresponds to Apex spawners
    - "armors" corresponds to Avian spawners
    - "weapons" corresponds to Floran spawners
    - "consumables" corresponds to Glitch spawners
    - "tools" corresponds to Human spawners
    - "objects" corresponds to Hylotl spawners
    - "other" corresponds to certain spawners, as well as "Displays"​
    - New Object: Blank Display
    - Basic crafting component for all spawners and other displays
    - 100 Pixels at Signal Station
    - Can be placed​
    - Other Misc. Displays
    - 1 Blank Display at Signal Station
    - Can be placed
    - Correspond to all vanilla spawners​
    - New Items: Apex/Avian/Floran/Glitch/Human/Hylotl/Generic Signal Interpreter
    - Act like Starmap Upgrades
    - All unlock race-specific NPCs
    - Removed now redundant BM Villager spawners. Using the <race> Signal Interpreter gives the player access to that race's villager spawner, eliminating their original purpose​
    - All cost around 5000 Pixels each at the BlackMarket Goon NPC's shop​
    - New Item: Sugarcane Stalk
    - Harvested from Sugarcane plant
    - On Pickup:
    - Learn crafting recipe for Sugar
    - Can be crafted into 5 Sugar at the Wooden Cooking Table, etc.​
    - New Merchant: Miner
    - Sells Copper, Iron, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium, and Coal ores
    - Designated by Hiker gear​
    - Inventory Adjustment: Cryogenecist
    - Moved Ice Block from Ice Cryogenecist general inventory to Ice minibiome variety-specific inventory
    - Added recipes for Ice Machine and Ice Sphere Chest to inventory of Ice minibiome variety, replacing the items themselves​
    - Inventory Adjustment: Bard
    - Fixed mistake in inventory listing:
    -Now sells instruments instead of icy blocks​
    - Adjusted prices to 1000 Pixels per instrument​
    - Inventory Adjustment: All Apex scientists
    - Removed basic ores from inventory. Shifted to new Miner NPC
    - Space Explorer still sells rarer ores
    - Eremologist still sells Diamond Ore and Crystals
    - Cryogenecist still sells Ice Crystals​
    - Adjusted several recipes in costs, output, etc.
    - Added recipe for metal alloys utilizing Coal Berries
    - Pick up a metal alloy bar to learn recipes​
    - Upgraded Ore Farming plants to their current form in their mod
    - Misc. Fixes I can't remember (I seriously need to write down exactly what I do when I do it)
    - New Mod Implementations:
    - (Customized) Sugarcane Fix by Inny
    - Tomato Fix by Inny
    - Glitchfix by Hoax Rumors
    - (Defunct) Craftable Merchant Spawners by Star-X
    - Extended Saplings by debugman18
    - Rebalanced Beds by Shadow Wolf JTC
    - (Customized) Miner Spawner by Indigochill​
    - Removed Mods:
    - (Defunct) Unnofficial Parallax Fix by Createase​
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