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Better Barren - Elysium Worlds 1.2

Makes those barren planets nicer for setting your home up in

  1. Vulcanic, Ocean, Scorched City and Eerth added

    Amber Talamasca
    4 elysium world types added: Volcanic, Ocean, Scorched city, Earth
    increased the chances of the worlds spawning
    fixed an elysium midnightworld planetgraphic issue

    ----- Known issue -----
    the earth skyscrapers are very high, and the background from ground level just seems white. Working on an alternative version, but i didn't want to keep the skyscrapers from you, as i have no idea yet how the parallax system handles this
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  2. File naming update

    Amber Talamasca
    A tiny update to change the name ingame from "BetterBarren" to "Better Barren" to match this mod on the workshop.
  3. Better Barren - Elysium Worlds

    Amber Talamasca
    1.1 update notes:
    ----- Now plays nice with Frackin Universe -----
    My barren worlds no longer replace the old barren worlds. They are now a new type of Barren, dubbed "Elysium" worlds.
    There are three types of Elysium worlds around, all can be found around Gentle Stars.
    There are Elysium Garden, Snow and Midnight worlds.

    * Craftable Critters. Lets see if we can fill our worlds with a bit more of custom made life.
    * Possible more biome types, if there is a demand for them.