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Betabound! v8.3.6

A large mod bringing back tons of new content!

  1. Mobility Implant is craftable again!

    -=- New -=-
    • Roast Banana! Cook a banana over a campfire.

    -=- Quests -=-
    • "A Bone to Pick," "Jail House Rock," "The Joker and the Thief," "Audience of One," "Bark Life," "Hylotl's Best Friend," and "Fried and Battered" have been added.
    • 300 Pixels have been added to the rewards of "Rent Well Spent."

    -=- Food -=-
    • Meatwich is no longer poisonous.
    • All recipes that used cooked meat now use raw meat.
    (Specifically: Alien Burger; Burrito; and Ham Sandwich)

    -=- Progression...
  2. Update!

    -=- New -=-
    • Fossils! At a Fossil Station, craft a Fossil Extractor to harvest the small fossils imbedded in blocks (not the large fossils on the background-- use a brush for those!)
    • Two new unique broadswords: Cellshade and Chromosword!
    • 10 craftable swords for each race!

    -=- Food -=-
    • Food Regeneration is much faster
    • Obtaining toffee teaches the toffee apple recipe.
    • If Improved Food...
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  3. Racial armor!

    • Racial armor! Craft at a beta manipulators, accelerators, or separators table!
    • Trees drop Unrefined Wood too!

    -=- New -=-
    • Added 102 pieces of tiered armor! 15 for each race (except Novakids, who use another races armor)
    • Added an action figure!
    • Added 4 new dyes!
    • New commands: /whisper and /itemID.
    • The lectern now accepts books from the Aether Book Creator mod.

    -=- Progression -=-
    • Swapped rubium, cerulium, ferozium, and violium melee weapons. Also swapped...
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  4. Armor!

    • Added five new sets of armor! (Craft them at Beta anvils!)

    -=- New -=-
    • Random encounters!
    • Forgot to remove the alternate title screen music, so enjoy!

    -=- Other -=-
    • Armor Tooltips now have access to the generic stat list, for modded stats and such.
    • Moved internal codex strings to their config files.
    • Changed the description of the Copybook to make it more clear what it does.

    -=- Bug Fixes -=-
    • Fire Swords now glow from the blade instead of the handle.
  5. Weapon Assembly & Balancing!

    -=- New -=-
    • Outpost Keypad and Button added to Portable Pixel Printer!
    • Added two new weapons: Cell Zappers and Alien Laser Guns!
    • Added support for Weapon Assembly! Check it out here: https://community.playstarbound.com/resources/weapon-assembly.4277/

    -=- Other -=-
    • Procedurally generated guns have been balanced, as to not be massively overpowered.
    • The following weapons no longer have their rarity locked: Lightning Coil, Pulse Rifle, Flamethrower, Avian Gun, Avian...
  6. Crafted guns; knockback; Fluffalo food; blueprints stack; better racial crafting!

    • Accelerator's Table is empty? Check again!
    • Four new procedural broadswords!
    • Racial weapon ingredients are more lenient if you make them later (ie: Don't need 9 daggers to make an impervium dagger)
    • Blueprints stack now! Just click the item and it'll become stackable.
    • Fluffalo food! Feed the Fire one a fire-themed Fluffalo food and he's an adult now!

    -=- New -=-
    • Four new procedural broadswords!
    • Added a new gun: Corrosive Gun!
    • Three new craftable aegisalt guns!
  7. Uzis, revolvers, rifles, axes, and biotech!

    • Uzi!
    • Novakid guns! Racial axes!
    • Dangers in human prisons.
    • Extra colors for Avian Blasters.
    • New biotech!
    • Spikes, stalactites, and stalagmites now drop materials! (ie: ice spikes drop ice, thorns drop plant fibre)
    • Platinum ore rocks!
    • Craftable Outpost walls!

    -=- Recipes -=-
    • Targeted Blink, Flying Jump, and FTL Dash can no longer be found in the wild: you must craft them.
    • Outpost Walls are craftable! Obtain one to learn the recipe. (Hint: alien/mutated planets)...
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  8. Relocator, Collections, Tentacles, and Buffs!

    • Relocator from Peacekeeper store!
    • Collections additions!
    • Item drops from tentacle enemies!
    • Certain food instantly recovers some health or energy!
    • Preparations for December!

    -=- Recipes -=-
    • Uranium Rods can no longer be crafted at a Metalwork Station.
    • Plutonium Rods can now be crafted at an Atomic Furnace.
    • No Uncrafting: Skyrails (from conversion (the 'craft a left into a right'))

    -=- New -=-
    • Added 52 new collection entries!
    • Added a new item dropped...
  9. Update!

    -=- New -=-
    • Cheese merchants may now visit the Outpost!
    • The 2-Stop-Teleshop now sells the newly introduced Small Racial Teleporters! Connect them to a wire to disable them (like a light and a lever).
    • Added two new cooking stations!
    • Added a new quest after the Erchius Mining Facility! You'll need to help a few people in the Outpost to unlock it, though, but the reward is great!
    • Coffee Beans now rot into... something :3

    -=- Weapons -=-
    • Weapons now spawn WAY more frequently, so...
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  10. Finally, an update!

    I'm sorry that this small update took so long ;-;

    -=- Weapons -=-
    • Added Pulse Rifles!
    • Added Plasma Assault Rifles!

    -=- Armor -=-
    • Woolly chest & legs, as well as ushankas, now give warmth.
    • Bandit's hood and bandana now give energy regen.

    -=- Paint -=-
    • Any new paint jars will show a preview of the drained block before and after painting. You can use paint jars to paint any block, still.
    • Changed the Paint Jar image generator; no blocks should clip through the jar...