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Betabound! v9.6

A large mod bringing back tons of new content!

  1. Food update!!

    • Many food changes. All vanilla food stacks and Betabound food rots.
    • Removed redundant Betabound food and produce (ie: Pristine Boiled Pearlpeas). Effects merged with their vanilla counterparts
    • Preservatives now completely prevent food from rotting
    • All food rot times have been adjusted to be a bit more realistic. ie: jams now last very long.
    • Wooden Cooking Table is now used for 'simple' recipes requiring less than three ingredients. This keeps both the original cooking...
  2. QOL and Weapons!

    • You can equip suit techs from the vanilla tech menu!
    • New biome-themed weapons! Irradiated Launcher, Uranium Rod Stave, and Harpoon Gun!
    • Snow Gun now does damage and has an alt; renamed to Blizzard Blaster
    • New recipes for weapons! Light/Fire/Poison/Frozen Bow and Eye Sword!
    • Built-in Melee Aiming detection!
    • T6 weapon upgrade kit!

    -=- New -=-
    • Added a Sulphur Sample object. Obtained from geodes
    • Sulphur has new 'in a block' sprites
    • Added crafting recipes for poison...
  3. 2 bug fixs pls download

  4. Weapon Upgrade Kits!

    • New tech! Explosive Protection. Charge up by taking damage and release it in a timed explosion! Craft or find it!
    • Weapon Upgrade Kits! Craft them at Tool Tables and level up your weapons. (Each kit has an associated level, and using that kit will bring a weapon up to that level.)
    • Added the Long Arm! Keep your cursor on an enemy to freeze them in place for a few easy shots; buy at a level 2 Peacekeeper store!
    • Grey Stim Packs (and a throwable variant)! Craft it using Hardened...
  5. Update!

    • Note: pre-existing Busters may need to be tossed on the ground or put into a chest before they are usable again
    • Crops with 'exotic' variants (ie: pristine pearlpeas) now always drop their regular variant along with whatever else they were going to drop. You'll still get exotic produce, but you'll always get a regular one too
    • Damage increased for all Betabound guns and some broadswords
    • Lowered the energy usage rate on uzis
    • New ice-geometric furniture! Find the blueprints...
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  6. Update!

    1. Two new fist weapons! One drops from a boss, the other can be crafted.
    2. Better fishing treasure rates!
    3. A new healing item: gauze! Craft with cotton.

    -=- New -=-
    • Gauze! A fast healing item between bandage and nanowrap-- heals 75 health. Made with cotton!
    • Fatal Claws! A unique weapon dropped by the Fatal Circuit boss!
    • Explosive Gloves! A unique fiery fist weapon. Find or research the blueprint!
    • Brass Knuckles! An unused vanilla weapon; it now spawns in chests,...
  7. Update!

    • Unique biome weapons are now craftable! Find the blueprints.
    • Slingshot improved!
    • Two new techs!

    -=- New -=-
    • New tech: Force Field! Consume energy to reduce damage when attacked
    • New tech: Absorption! Restore energy when attacked
    • Chromosword is now craftable! Find the recipe in Cell Caves or research it!
    • Added a recipe for the Splatterknife! Obtain the recipe from chests in Heck Caves or research it!
    • Coral Cleaver now has a recipe! Find it in Coral Cave biomes,...
  8. Streamlining!

    • Pretty much every Betabound recipe moved to vanilla crafting stations.
    • To make Betabound more user-friendly, redundant beta crafting stations have been phased out (ie: iron anvil being able to craft items that the vanilla anvil can't for some reason). This is to reduce the amount of crafting stations and to make Betabound's content more accessible.

    -=- New -=-
    • Added an iron pickaxe

    -=- Removed -=-
    • Yeah, yeah, Betabound, removing stuff? Hersey!
    • Disabled the...
  9. New biomes!

    1. New biomes! Crystal Cave, Coral Cave, and Rust Fields!
    2. Crystal Plants! Find them in geode or crystal cave biomes and create new dishes!
    3. Changes to player food capacity
    4. Pelt! Collect pelt to make leather at a furnace
    5. Mushroom Spawns! They work just like seeds-- mine some growing mushrooms or find them as loot and become a fun guy!
    6. Iron Axe! A harvesting tool to fill the gap between the stone axe and the chainsaw. Break blocks in a 3x3 radius, chop trees, and mine...
  10. bug fix

    bug fix