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Betabound! v13

A base-game enhancement mod featuring new content! Not an overhaul.

  1. Bug fixes

    -=- Changes -=-
    - Weapons
    • Procedurally-generated flamethrowers are now affected by element modifier items. New elemental SFX and subtitles, too! ie an ice flamethrower will show as 'icethrower' rather than 'flamethrower'
    • Electric flamethrower projectile now gives an eletrified debuff to enemies

    - Equipment
    • Master Manipulator no longer sends small amounts of liquid to the Shadow Realm if it cannot give the player that amount of liquid. Instead,
    • When collecting units of liquid so small that it cannot go into the player's inventory (ie: player collects 0.25 units of water), the Master Manipulator stores it until enough is collected for a full unit

    - Misc
    • NPC's spawned from spawners (from the Employer's Station) now visually beam in
    • Max fuel usage for FTL travel decreased to 300, from 1000
    • Smooth Concrete renamed to Aged Concrete

    -=- Recipes -=-
    • Dirtea can now be made at a campfire

    -=- Bug Fixes -=-
    • 'Ghosts' codex now spawns in human prisons
    • 'News Headline Clipping' lore item now spawns in apex apartments
    • Star-Pawns spawning can no longer be inturrupted by blocks wanting to generate in the same place

    -=- Technical Changes/Translation Notes -=-
    • cockpit interface config now has a list of items added by other mods that do fuel scaling rather than it being hardcoded. Other mods can patch this list without including Betabound and affecting load order
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