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Betabound! v11

A base-game enhancement mod featuring new content! Not an overhaul.

  1. Update!

    1. Broadswords now have combos! Thanks to Tea-Loving Lad for giving every Betabound broadsword a visual glow-up!
    2. Various unobtainable items in vanilla are now obtainable. Some unused item recipes are now enabled.
    3. Many visual improvements for objects, object icons, and ores. Thanks to SOULs for the new food sprites!
    4. Erchius crystal blocks now spawn underground on moons!
    5. New tenant: miner! They give ores as rent.
    6. Pumps! Craft them at a wiring station. They move liquids around!

    -=- New -=-
    • Erchius crystal blocks now spawn underground on moons
    • The erchius ghost is now aroused by having erchius crystal blocks
    • Industrial Merchants now sell blueprints for the industrial furniture set. Recipes exist for these items but are unused in vanilla
    • The Industrial Bed is now obtainable. Buy it directly or buy the blueprint
    • Hylotl furniture merchants can now sell Hylotl Counter and Traditional Wooden Post
    • From a hotfix on 2/JUN/2023: Tech can be unequipped in the vanilla tech menu
    • All vanilla mining tools with durability no longer break when their bar hits 0, but rather become 'blunted'. It's still usable but its effectiveness is massively reduced.
    • Added a craftable pump for moving liquids
    • Added a new catchable bug: Moondancer! Find it at night on lush planets or in garden minibiomes
    • Mazebound 64 now has a hard mode. When the game is opened, it will randomly select normal or hard mode. Hard mode has a different, larger map. Beating hard mode doesn't give you a different reward.
    • Added some new objects which can be found in hylotl ocean cities (penguin plush, can of meatballs, soft drink)
    • Added a new tenant type: miner! They give ores as rent
    • Uranium and plutonium ores now have unique sprites when placed in the world!
    • Uranium and plutonium glow. Plutonium in real life only glows when exposed to oxygen according to 0.2 seconds of research, so, uh, yeah.
    • Changed the sprites of aegisalt/ferozium/rubium/violium/cerulium/impervium bars to match the current artstyle.
    • Unique icons for: Motivational Poster, Calming Poster, Glorious Leader Painting, Big Ape Record, Apex Portrait, Big Ape Cross-Stitch, Standard Issue Painting
    • Sabertooth Spear, Pollen Pump, Tranquilizer Gun, and Heat Ray are now craftable! Find or research the blueprints.
    • Milk is now craftable from coconut milk! Learn the recipe by picking up coconut milk (the liquid, not the drink). Dilute the coconut milk with water to get the desired consistency and sweeten it with sugar (cow milk has natural sugar: lactose), and you've got a cow milk substitute.

    -=- Changes -=-
    • Black Current Crumble and Crystal Chips now have new sprites made by SOULs! Check out their work here!
    • Lunar Base Lockers now cost 2 tungsten bars, up from 1. This is because the other two lunar base containers also cost a single bar and have half the storage capacity of the lockers
    • Picking up Cerulium Ore no longer unlocks Cerulium Compound. Use the Compounding Upgrade instead
    • Buff Freeze Ray damage
    • Geometric Ice Chest now counts as refrigerated storage
    • Some recipe adjustments, particularly those that use copper wire before T3. As a result, copper wire is no longer craftable at T1/2 furnaces
    • Improved Explosive Barrel (Betabound version) sprite
    • Chocolate Coffee Beans are now made with chocolate instead of cocoa beans. This is so it makes sense to make at a campfire and for consistency with the campfire banana
    • Industrial Bed is now printable
    • Renamed 'human jeep' to 'jeep,' since, well, we're out of beta; we're releasing on time~ So I'm glad I got burned, think of all the things we learned--
    • Visual changes to Bubble Boost tech
    • The Stationary Radio now updates its range as you move the slider instead of when a song is selected and 'play' is pressed
    • The Stationary Radio now roughly pulses its range in debug mode. Imagine it as a circle instead of a rectangle
    • Glow Implant and Gravity Implant no longer have 'implant' in their name
    • Enhanced the images for Wooden Shelf
    • Heck Blob Action Figure is now slightly smaller
    • Change Wide Wrecked Crate sound effect
    • Thanks to Tea-Loving Lad, all Betabound broadswords (!!!) are no longer tilted and have received some visual improvements!!
    • Hylotl merchants can now sometimes sell kelp
    • Removed duplicate stone/legend swords. Any existing ones will convert into their vanilla counterparts automatically
    • Some ammo types now have different rarities
    • Piercing Bullets are now made using sharpened claws and give 75 bullets instead of 35
    • Mushrooms now sometimes drop mushroom spawns on harvest
    • Reefpod and coralcreep plants now have a chance to drop kelp instead of plant fibre
    • Car Bed is now of rare rarity considering that it's like super rare. I thought there were more unique pieces of furniture in the Rare Furniture pool, but there aren't!
    • Frost Spear, Frost Shield, and Thorny Needler now use titanium bars instead of platinum bars in their recipes
    • Light Bow now uses 10 glow fibre instead of 10 blue glow fibre and 10 orange glow fibre
    • Some vanilla weapons now change their rarity based on their level. The ones that don't are things like legendary weapons, boomerangs, etc
    • Glass Coffee Mug is now a default recipe
    • New icon for bleeding status effect
    • Picking up a wall-mounted tech station now prompts SAIL to talk about downloading/binding tech instead of equipping suits
    • Sulphur now has a black outline
    • Betabound monsters are now added to the monster collection when captured. Only monsters caught after this update will be added though, so your old pods won't count

    -=- Bug Fixes -=-
    • 'pineytree' no longer drops an absurd amount of fuelwood. Oops.
    • Removed some deprecated files that harmlessly spooked some people. Oops
    • From a hotfix on 16/MAY/2023: Fixed bleeding animation not really working due to leftover data from the removed beta burning effect
    • From vanilla: fixed three erroneous frames on the parachute back
    • From a hotfix on 28/MAY/2023: Fixed an issue where Enhanced Storage KILLS containers with preserved food because it checks for values it doesn't need to
    • From a hotfix on 2/JUN/2023: Fixed an issue where techs that cost 0 tech cards can be purchased as suit techs
    • From a hotfix on 2/JUN/2023: Fixed a stack overflow issue with Patman's Unequip and Remove Tech mod
    • From vanilla: sewer fly has missing frames when charging
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