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Betabound! v12e

A base-game enhancement mod featuring new content! Not an overhaul.

  1. Food update!!

    • Many food changes. All vanilla food stacks and Betabound food rots.
    • Removed redundant Betabound food and produce (ie: Pristine Boiled Pearlpeas). Effects merged with their vanilla counterparts
    • Preservatives now completely prevent food from rotting
    • All food rot times have been adjusted to be a bit more realistic. ie: jams now last very long.
    • Wooden Cooking Table is now used for 'simple' recipes requiring less than three ingredients. This keeps both the original cooking table and the vanilla one relevant

    -=- New -=-
    • Bottled liquids and mugged coffees now return their containers when consumed (Bottled Water, Antidote, Bottled Healing Water; Coffee, Flat White, Mocha)
    • Peacekeeper Donut Vending Machine is now obtainable at a certain Peacekeeper Station tier

    -=- Food -=-
    • Wooden Cooking Table is now used for basic recipes, available at T1
    • Vanilla Kitchen Counter unchanged. Offers all recipes
    • Cooking Station is now T3. Offers no new recipes but can filter by effects
    • Betabound food now rots
    • Vanilla food now stacks
    • Rot times for all food items have been adjusted, so some food items last longer than others
    • The value 'rotFood' in `/betabound.config` can be set to `false` to disable Betabound food rotting
    • Betabound food now gives vanilla versions of buffs, so no stacking double health boosts, for example
    • Warm/heated food no longer give an ice resistance effect
    • Removed 'exotic' produce variants. Effects merged with existing produce items
    • Removed redundant foodstuffs, like Ripe Ape Grapes, since Ape Grapes already exists
    • Improved some produce images by replacing them with the original versions or giving the new versions the shading from the original
    • Some produce items now have buffs
    • All food made from robotic produce now gives electrified
    • All food made from pearlpeas now give protection boost
    • All food made from chili now gives nova

    -=- Changes -=-
    • Campfire Banana now craftable at campfires
    • Adjusted flamethrower and lightning coil speed ranges to prevent insanely weak, insanely fast weapons
    • Ship Upgrade (the craftable items made from moonstone) are now known as Ship Enhancements
    • Peacekeeper Augments now have actual prices and varied descriptions based on their strength
    • Added a leaf crunching-kinda sound to Mushroom Shortsword and Smashroom
    • Harpoon Guns no longer force you to walk when charged
    • Huge Bipeds (megafauna) now have a 3 second 'cannot hurt you' phase when spawned. This should help avoid being murdered instantly if the beam site just so happens to be right on one. This should not affect those away from the planet's beam site, so don't worry
    • Paintguns use rainbow wood instead of titanium bars in their recipe. Why? Because it's a toy
    • Repair Bot now heals injured allies. No longer attacks
    • Certain wearables no longer give ice resistance
    • Remove seaweed from ricecake recipe
    • Preservatives now make food never rot, but make them unusable for crafting
    • SAIL teaches the player about swapping their MM for a pickaxe/drill upon picking one up
    • SAIL teaches the player about preservatives upon obtaining one
    • Translocator and Peacekeeper Teleporter 'recipes' now require a Teleporter Core
    • Chocolate Coffee Beans now craftable at campfire
    • Fish Pie nerfed because it violates the law of conservation of mass and energy
    • Gave all Betabound pie items new sprites
    • Betabound Burning Eyeballs are now Melting Eyeballs
    • Vanilla Ice Cream, Melting Eyeballs, and Candied Pearlpeas have new glorious sprites courtesy of Frykas!

    -=- Bug Fixes -=-
    • From a hotfix on 25/APR/2023: Shield tech works again
    • Serpent Droid's arm rotates on the pivot end instead of the center, so it no longer detaches when rotating
    • Gauze is no longer eaten. History has a weird way of repeating itself.
    • The 'previous page' button in lecterns decided looking like the 'next page' button was a bit odd
    • Fullbright patches for the Miniknog Armor no longer prevents Platinum Armor from being red
    • Vanilla issue: fixed an improper color on rainbow wood
    • Vanilla issue: fixed lack of shadowing on rainbow and alien weird wood
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