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Betabound! v10c

A large mod bringing back tons of new content!

  1. QOL and Weapons!

    • You can equip suit techs from the vanilla tech menu!
    • New biome-themed weapons! Irradiated Launcher, Uranium Rod Stave, and Harpoon Gun!
    • Snow Gun now does damage and has an alt; renamed to Blizzard Blaster
    • New recipes for weapons! Light/Fire/Poison/Frozen Bow and Eye Sword!
    • Built-in Melee Aiming detection!
    • T6 weapon upgrade kit!

    -=- New -=-
    • Added a Sulphur Sample object. Obtained from geodes
    • Sulphur has new 'in a block' sprites
    • Added crafting recipes for poison and fire bows. Learn the recipe by picking up certain crafting materials
    • Added crafting recipes for Light Bow, Frozen Bow, and Eye Sword. Find or research the recipes
    • Added a harpoon gun which functions as a one-handed bow. Find it in ocean planets or in random chests! You can also craft it once you find/research the recipe
    • Added a T6 weapon upgrade kit
    • Irradiated Launcher! This unique grenade launcher can be found on toxic ocean planets and crafted.
    • Uranium Rod Staff! This glowing staff can be found on toxic ocean planets and crafted.
    • Betabound now detects melee weapon aiming mods and adjusts its weapons accordingly

    -=- Changes -=-
    • Flamethrowers are no longer stupidly overpowered
    • Lightning Coils also had their damage reduced
    • Racial weapon recipes now require a secondary material up to tier 7
    • Tier 8+ racial weapons now require more of their primary material
    • Adjusted some biome weapon recipes
    • Adjusted non-biome weapon recipes
    • All races can craft novakid guns and rifles, including those from vanilla
    • Elemental Crossbows can now shoot electric bolts
    • Visual rarity of several thrown weapons have been changed
    • Hand Grenade recipe moved to upgraded anvil; price increased
    • Vanilla molotov recipe now craftable at bare hands
    • Throwing Axe recipe now uses titanium bars (instead of iron) and yields 5 axes (from 1)
    • Throwing Dagger recipe now uses tungsten bars (instead of iron) and yields 15 items (from 3)
    • Iron Hunting Spear recipe now uses 3 timber planks (in addition to its existing materials) and yields 5 items (from 2)
    • Throwing Star recipe now yields 15 items (from 25)
    • Iron Hunting Spear and Javelin recipes moved to Foraging and Agriculture Tables, respectively
    • Adjusted the energy usage values of some novakid rifles and two-handed ferozium guns
    • Thorny Needler is now researchable
    • Increase contrast on slime staff glow
    • Holding shift with the Master Manipulator will increase the tile damage based on the max un-shifted radius
    • Snowball Shooter is now Blizzard Blaster; now does damage and has an alt ability!
    • Unrefined Wood is now Fuelwood; provides 3 fuel and is more rare (15% chance to drop from certain trees). Traps which previously dropped this item now drop wooden logs.
    • New icon for Flickering Ceiling TV. Actually represents the object
    • Suit techs can now be equipped from the vanilla tech menu. However, it cannot bind or download tech
    • Snowballs now do ice elemental damage

    -=- Bug Fixes -=-
    • From a hotfix on 8/MAR/2023: Fixed an issue with Show Weapon Levels mod (I made that mod as well)
    • From a hotfix on 9/MAR/2023: Fixed an issue with human bunkers not wanting to generate properly
    • From a hotfix on 23/MAR/2023: Fixed some performance issues when holding items with lots of parameters in the swap slot
    • From a hotfix on 17/APR/2023: Axe projectiles are no longer god
    • Above, but for hammers
    • Vanilla bug fix: Light Bow has no alt ability
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