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Betabound! v13

A base-game enhancement mod featuring new content! Not an overhaul.

  1. Weapon Upgrade Kits!

    • New tech! Explosive Protection. Charge up by taking damage and release it in a timed explosion! Craft or find it!
    • Weapon Upgrade Kits! Craft them at Tool Tables and level up your weapons. (Each kit has an associated level, and using that kit will bring a weapon up to that level.)
    • Added the Long Arm! Keep your cursor on an enemy to freeze them in place for a few easy shots; buy at a level 2 Peacekeeper store!
    • Grey Stim Packs (and a throwable variant)! Craft it using Hardened Carapace at an upgraded Apothecary and boost your defense!
    • New encounter structure! Wrecked starship. Find it on most planets!

    • NOTE: The way the game handles some weapons, (Chromosword, Starcleaver, Watersword, Candy Cane, Eye Sword, Fire Sword) were changed. If these items are in your inventory upon updating, please log into your character then return to the title screen OR shift-click the weapons into a chest. If you don't, you'll (harmlessly) be booted to the title screen. Afterwards, the weapons will work just fine.

    -=- New -=-
    • Santa tenant added. Requires 24 'blocks' of Christmas furniture and 8 blocks of commerce furniture to spawn. Identical to the Santa which visits the outpost during December
    • These resources help with colony-making. They let you see object tags. https://starbounder.org/Tag https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1802500596 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2396110695
    • Explosive Protection tech. Read the update summary for more information.
    • The unused Rock Bow from vanilla spawns! Find it in (lime)stone cave biomes.
    • Crystalline Trees can now drop saplings
    • Weapon Upgrade Kits. Read the update summary for more information.
    • Vanilla weapons now show their levels!
    • Grey Stim and The Defender. Read the update summary for more information.
    • Wrecked starship structure. Read the update summary for more information.
    • New obtainable items (unobtainable in vanilla): Wrecked Turbine, Wrecked Turbines, Wide Wrecked Crate, Wrecked Hanging Wires, Wrecked Vat, Wrecked Generator, Wrecked Chair, Small Wrecked Table.
    • Grey Chemist crew member! For the new grey stim.
    • Blue, green, orange, and yellow glow fibres can be combined into normal multi-coloured glow fibre.

    -=- Changes -=-
    • Chromosword, Starcleaver, Watersword, Candy Cane, Eyesword, and Fire Sword upgraded. Now act less awkward
    • Cell Zapper energy usage reduced
    • Shield tech description altered to state that it uses energy and blocks *outside* damage. Its stat display shows 'Recharge Time' instead of 'Cooldown Time.'
    • Wooden Shelf now has the Commerce and Storage colony tags
    • Lana Blake no longer sells suit techs
    • Deadbeat Merchants can now sell heated smoke grenades
    • All-Seeing Crusader NPC's now drop loot
    • Fall Dampener now reduces fall damage by 40%, up from 20%
    • Racial axes are no longer weaker than racial shortswords
    • Racial axes are now all the same speed
    • Pile of Eyes block can be made from Juicy Oculemons now
    • Paper Plane cost reduced to 5, from 400
    • Prepared food is no longer absurdly common in chests
    • Force Field tech can no longer be randomly found in chests. It must be crafted
    • Lazercaster now has an alt ability: plasma shotgun
    • Vanilla rare/uncommon assault rifles now Flashlight and Spray n' Pray as possible alt abilities
    • Vanilla rare/uncommon shotguns now have Flashlight and Lance as possible alt abilities
    • Vanilla rare/uncommon sniper rifles now have Flashlight as a possible alt ability
    • Red Stim Packs now use 4 petals instead of 5, just like every other stim pack

    -=- Misc -=-
    • Adjusted Heated Smoke Grenade price
    • The galaxy hologram at the ark now has more frames
    • Changed the color of the backing image for ammo items
    • Adjusted muzzle flash position of all bone firearms
    • Prism merchants now sell sloped glass
    • Generic merchants can now sell bandages and medkits
    • Moved Peacekeeper Battery from t2 store to t3, where the mining laser is
    • Changed Copybook and Blank Book recipe to be consistent with Book Piles recipe

    -=- Bug Fixes -=-
    • (From a hotfix on 31/JAN/2022) Bone Hammer now shoots a projectile again
    • The debris from the Space Drop Pods event are now purple
    • Falling Blocks now have particles when they break. Are you seeing a trend with the particles and the 'entity dies/despawns/breaks' thing? I am.

    -=- Technical Changes -=-
    • sb_pathtoimage and sb_itemexists functions are now sb_pathToImage and sb_itemExists
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