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Betabound! v12e

A base-game enhancement mod featuring new content! Not an overhaul.

  1. Update!

    • Note: pre-existing Busters may need to be tossed on the ground or put into a chest before they are usable again
    • Crops with 'exotic' variants (ie: pristine pearlpeas) now always drop their regular variant along with whatever else they were going to drop. You'll still get exotic produce, but you'll always get a regular one too
    • Damage increased for all Betabound guns and some broadswords
    • Lowered the energy usage rate on uzis
    • New ice-geometric furniture! Find the blueprints and primary ingredient on tundra planets (or research the blueprints)
    • Note for Betabound SIP users: The 'Ammo Applier' custom item under Dev Tools has been changed. Use 'Ammo Applier (v2)' from now on-- the old one doesn't change the class of the primary ability, which is why it didn't work with guns that had alt abilities. For anyone making ammo-using guns which require Betabound, change the class of the primary ability to sb_AmmoGunFire

    -=- New -=-
    • Cutarrh and Katarrhna! Two new slimy shortswords to find (the latter can be crafted after obtaining its blueprint)
    • Cutarrh blueprint can be found in slime chests, in blueprint blobs, or researched
    • Speaking of blueprint blobs, they can be found in slime caves
    • Bio Staff is now craftable. Find or research the blueprint!
    • Station Vending Machine now printable
    • Ice Caves now have unique ambience
    • Added new ambience to tentacle planets, heck biomes, and generic underground layers
    • Added a handful of breakable objects (and one decorative plant) to the tundra biome. It might look a bit cluttered
    • Sweet Meat (betabound) is now Candied Bacon; recipe, sprite, and stats changed. Now crafted with toffee instead of sugar

    -=- Weapons -=-
    • Bio Staff projectile no longer moves
    • Bio Staff special now applies the glowing status effect for three minutes instead of thirty seconds
    • Bio Staff and Rockalance Staff now have fullbright parts
    • Non-crappy Betabound axes now have five new blades
    • Betabound daggers now have four new blades
    • ...Nine new hammer heads
    • Procedural Betabound weapons are now more colorful! Crappy weapons look even more crappy too
    • Mushroom Shields (Betabound) now apply poison to enemies. They are also craftable as a T2 shield-- find the recipe in surface mushroom biomes or research it
    • Racial weapons no longer teach any recipes on pickup
    • Merchant's no longer sell racial weapon blueprints
    • Brain Extractor and Silver Armor are now craftable at an unupgraded anvil
    • Adjusted damage and speed values of non-racial broadswords. They should now be worth using
    • Cellshade projectile damage is no longer a fixed 15

    -=- Misc -=-
    • Vanilla teleporters now have unique descriptions
    • Bio Staff, Rockalanche Staff, Fleshbringer, and Dangpa's Fury can now be found outside of their biomes
    • Changed sfx on Rockalanche Staff's alt
    • If an item has the 'customItem' parameter, it will not attempt to be updated as it quite clearly isn't what we're trying to change (Betabound automatically 'updates' its items when changes are made under the hood, such as Betabound axes using the sb_axe ability instead of the vanilla axecleave. Any Betabound weapon using axecleave is automatically changed to use sb_axe-- adding the 'customItem' parameter tells Betabound not to change it)
    • Unique elemental broadswords have particle effects when swung
    • The description of Superior and Artificial Brains now state how to get brains and where to get a Brain Extractor
    • Card Index no longer appears in Hylotl mission chests, instead it is now printable. Yeah, it was funny to open a card index and find absolutely no cards, but instead find an exact duplicate of the very thing you opened, but who wants to grind that mission to get multiple card indexes?
    • sb_itemID, when provided with a second argument, now pretty-prints
    • Music Sheets can have parameters applied to them by editing the `/collections/sb_music.config` file. Check https://tinyurl.com/betadocs for an example
    • Two new debug commands for unlocking suit techs. Requires StarExtensions https://github.com/StarExtensions/StarExtensions
    • The colors of dye bottles are now more accurate (Lime Green, Light Grey, Grey-Blue, and Teal dyes)
    • Improvements to the Molten Core sprite
    • Molten Core, Endomorphic Jelly, and Processor now state they can be used to craft their respective progression item in their description
    • Adjustments to the iron and robotic tool table prices
    • The 100-pixel replacement Manipulator now longer has a base sell price of 1000
    • Title Screen Concept (labeled as 'Betabound' in the radio) no longer has a chance to play on the title screen. No, I'm not saying it ALWAYS plays now, just that it NEVER plays now!
    • Removed duplicate Basic Shield. Existing ones will transform into T1 shields
    • Moved Frost Shield from the armor crafting category to the weapon one, because that's where shields are in vanilla
    • Increased the size of the Dyeable label for weapons
    • Decreased price of Time-Telling Wrist Mechanism
    • Kelp quest takes 100 kelp instead of 300

    -=- Bug Fixes -=-
    • Starcleaver, Eye Sword, Chromosword, and Cellshade now have proper broadswordish swinging sounds
    • Moved the muzzle flash on T9 novakid revolver
    • Adjusted the positions of some novakid rifles
    • Fixed staves being uncooperative in areas with low ceilings
    • From update 132 (2023 Jan 1): bug fixes regarding certain hammer alt abilities not working with Betabound hammers
    • From update 133 (2023 Jan 6): bug fix regarding the hunting knife
    • Poison Balloon recipe now properly unlocks
    • Fatal Circuit and Brian's death particles being invisible is now REALLY fixed
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