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Betabound! v12e

A base-game enhancement mod featuring new content! Not an overhaul.

  1. Update!

    • Unique biome weapons are now craftable! Find the blueprints.
    • Slingshot improved!
    • Two new techs!

    -=- New -=-
    • New tech: Force Field! Consume energy to reduce damage when attacked
    • New tech: Absorption! Restore energy when attacked
    • Chromosword is now craftable! Find the recipe in Cell Caves or research it!
    • Added a recipe for the Splatterknife! Obtain the recipe from chests in Heck Caves or research it!
    • Coral Cleaver now has a recipe! Find it in Coral Cave biomes, buy it from a Frogg Merchant, or research it!
    • A recipe for the Smashroom has been added. You can get it from underground Mushroom Caves or by using a Research Station.
    • Betabound now has a crafting recipe for the Slime Staff! Underground chests in Slime Cave biomes have a chance to contain the blueprint, though it can be researched at a Research Station.
    • Two new music sheets! Club Decks and Underground (Club)
    • Unwanted Perfectly Generic Items can be traded for reward bags at Treasure Trophies. The level of these reward bags scales with your story progress

    -=- Weapons -=-
    • Slingshot changed-- No longer has durability. Draws faster. Uses energy and has a unique special: Triple Shot. Recipe adjusted
    • 'Energy Per Shot' labels in tooltips should be more accurate
    • Changed the sounds of some staves
    • The bleeding status effect inflicted by shivs no longer has a 'spurt' mechanic-- it's that thing that causes a relatively large chunk of instant damage. I'm sorry to anyone that was planning on breaking the 20 second world-record for killing the Swansong by making it bleed to death.
    • Fire Sword can no longer spawn dyed. However, it is still manually dyeable
    • Disabled alt images for Fire/Water Swords
    • Fire Sword now provides light
    • Water Sword now has swoosh sounds AND bubble sounds instead of just the latter
    • Procedurally generated swords now use elemental sfx when swung
    • Slave Sword's blade can now damage enemies. It was intentional, but I realized it's stinky, so I'm undoing it

    -=- Crafting -=-
    • Vanilla foods now show when filtering by buffs.

    -=- Misc -=-
    • Changed the inventory icon of the Lectern as some people mistook it for a quest item
    • Steel Capture Pod renamed to Transport Pod
    • Decreased the chances of crappy weapons spawning when fishing
    • Increased the chances of lure/reels spawning when fishing
    • Wrapping Table now references Empty Parcels instead of Wrapping Paper
    • Added a bit more personality to some block descriptions
    • Plates now show the description of their displayed item (unless it's a PGI)
    • Enabled two unused Scorched City dungeons
    • Rocket Boots sfx enhanced
    • Generic t-shirt now available as starting clothes for humans

    -=- Bug Fixes -=-
    • Cell Shade now does electric damage
    • Cell Zappers are now held... approximately where they should be held
    • Avian Guns are now held properly
    • Iron Axe and Chainsaw should no longer crash certain OS setups
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