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Betabound! v12e

A base-game enhancement mod featuring new content! Not an overhaul.

  1. New biomes!

    1. New biomes! Crystal Cave, Coral Cave, and Rust Fields!
    2. Crystal Plants! Find them in geode or crystal cave biomes and create new dishes!
    3. Changes to player food capacity
    4. Pelt! Collect pelt to make leather at a furnace
    5. Mushroom Spawns! They work just like seeds-- mine some growing mushrooms or find them as loot and become a fun guy!
    6. Iron Axe! A harvesting tool to fill the gap between the stone axe and the chainsaw. Break blocks in a 3x3 radius, chop trees, and mine wood faster!
    7. Many more musical instruments are now craftable!

    -=- New -=-
    • Crystal Cave underground biome! Find crystal plants, mine crystals, and loot blueprints for unique furniture!
    • Coral Cave! Find mysterious frog merchants, oil, and ember coral.
    • Rust fields! Find them on volcanic and scorched planets.
    • Pelt drops from some enemies
    • Crystal Plants and seven new food items to create! The new dishes give a glowing status effect.
    • New weapons: Hackman and Hackmanight! Find them in crystal biomes.
    • Added a cat to the secret room in the Erchius Mining Facility
    • White Flower object now has 4 sprites to choose from when placed
    • New projectile for grenade launchers
    • Added throwable poison balloons
    • Added flavor text for various states of hunger
    • Ursa Miner begins selling moonstone after obtaining the Avian artifact
    • Bolts drop from metallic trees. They are used for crafting rusty furniture
    • Giving the Fashionable Floran a jacket causes them to wear it
    • Giving the kennel to the Hylotl Warrior causes them to place it
    • Iron Axe! Upgraded stone axe
    • Tool merchants can sell axes, chainsaws, and hoes
    • Jon Afro jukebox returns! Buy it from Steam Spring merchants it find it in music lootpools. Obtaining it unlocks Jab for the Portable Radio
    • Added some decorative rusty chain objects. Unlock the recipes by picking up a Rusty Metal block

    -=- Food -=-
    • Player food bar capacity increased from 70 to 100. This change will only apply if you do not have a mod which changes it
    • Player food bar completely drains over the course of 40 minutes instead of 20
    • Bottled Water takes 15 water instead of 5
    • Rootpop no longer requires yellow petals

    -=- Crafting -=-
    • Added two filters for the cooking GUI: swim boost and glowing
    • More instruments are now craftable: Bone Xylophone, Bright Piano, Clarinet, Model M, Overdrive Guitar, Piano, Reed Organ, Rock Organ, Square Organ, Music Box
    • Alien Burgers and Ham Sandwiches no longer require 2 bread-- just 1

    -=- Misc -=-
    • Antidotes now require 2 posioncreeps instead of 1
    • Antidote rarity now uncommon, to match rarity of burn spray
    • Seeds can now sometimes be found in treasure chests
    • Mushroom Seeds (Mushroom Spawn) now regrow over the course of 9-10 minutes, down from 47. Yes, fourty-seven.
    • Volatile Powder and Alien Seaweed now have prices
    • Changed the prices of some tools (stone axe, stone hoe, chainsaw)
    • Slightly adjusted the stone axe icon to make it more distinct from the new iron axe's icon
    Dual-wielding an ammo-gun and ammo prioritizes the selected ammo. It's like how you can put a stack of arrows in your offhand in Minecraft to shoot those arrows instead of whatever you'd shoot instead
    • Vintage Scoped Rifle is now Vintage Hunting Rifle-- shoots hunting bullets which harvests meat and other goods from monsters
    • Stat adjustments for alien burger and ham sandwich

    -=- Bug Fixes -=-
    • Several fixes to the vanilla executive, opulent, serene, doom, and geometric chairs
    • Terramart Shipper now recognizes orange-related items, roast poultry, roasted cactus, milk chocolate, overstuffed automato, kelp, seaweed, and maybe a few other items
    • Fixed the order of items in Ursa Miner
    • Peacekeeper Teleporter is now more accurate
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