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Betabound! v11

A base-game enhancement mod featuring new content! Not an overhaul.

  1. USCM Bunker dungeon!

    • USCM bunkers! A new dungeon to find on planets.
    • GPS! Craft at an Robotic Crafting Table and view your coordinates!
    • Tranquilizer Gun! Find it in weapon chests or jungle biomes.
    • Rainbow Wood table, door, chair, and bed!
    • Enhanced Storage/Improved Containers integration!
    • Research Station! Can't find that blueprint you want? Buy it!
    • For modders: sb_beamaxe tag is obsolete; use miningtool tag instead

    -=- New -=-
    • GPS! Craft it and view your coordinates
    • Nightsticks and Frying Pans! New weapons.
    • Tranquilizer Gun! Slow down enemies with a dart.
    • Rainbow Wood table, door, chair, and bed. Find the recipes in rainbow chests
    • Mushroom Statue. Find the blueprint in underground mushroom biomes
    • Cardboard Box Armor! Found rarely in chests or sold by clothing merchants. Wear a box!
    • Demon Wings! They're green. Not very demonic, I guess. Purple seems more suited for demon wings, with green being reserved for imps-- Y'know what, you can dye it. Anyway, find it in chests or from clothing merchants.
    • Fire Lord's Cloak! Find it in volcanic biomes and finally complete the Fire Lord's set!
    • Deck Chair! Find it in oasis biomes
    • Dripping Basic Bath! Buy it from human merchants, but don't get scammed by buying the non-dripping one!
    • Exit Signs! Hang them on ceilings and admire their golden light after buying two for every door from a human merchant! Gotta appease OSHA. please don't come after me OSHA i just want to see my family again
    • Polished Stone Plaque and Golden Plaque! Learn the recipe from the arena trophies given to you by Nuru
    • Research Station! Make at a Robotic Crafting Table and finally get that one elusive blueprint instead of grinding for it

    -=- Status Effects -=-
    • Burned does more damage
    • Poisoned damage scales with max health
    • Bleeding now has a scaling initial damage
    • Bleeding now expires faster when healing

    -=- Crafting -=-
    • All races can craft revolvers by default
    • Shroom Statue recipe added; find in underground mushroom biomes
    • Flower Statue recipe added; find in surface spring biomes
    • Mushroom Hat recipe spawns in mushroom biomes
    • Iron Plaque iron bar cost changed from 10 to 1
    • Blank Blueprints craftable at upgraded Spinning Wheel
    • Polished Stone Plaque and Golden Plaque recipes added; unlock from Nuru arena trophies

    -=- Weapons -=-
    • Stinger Gun altfire buffed
    • Shatter Gun damage buffed
    • Shatter Guns now have alts: flashlight, grenade launcher, and shrapnel bomb
    • Globe Launchers and Cell Zappers now have alts: flashlight, grenade launcher, and shotgun
    • Star Cleaver nerfed

    -=- Misc -=-
    • Primitive Countertop now functions as a cooking table
    • Standard Lever available via Portable Pixel Printer
    • Black Cat, Floki, and Pinfriend capturable at any health and with critter capture pods. Relocatable
    • Changed the icon of Primitive Furnace to more accurately reflect the vanilla furnace instead of the beta one
    • Pollen Pump is more likely to appear in spring biomes
    • Deck Lounge Chair spawn rate increased from 1% to 30%. Why, Chucklefish?
    • Paper Wings rarity and price reduced (it's craftable)
    • Melee weapon tooltip DPS label changed to 'Damage Per Swing.' Yeah, yeah, I know spears don't swing, but vanilla does it. What, did you think DPS stood for Damage Per Second? Yeah, that's what I thought too.
    • Weapon tooltips no longer take level into account when calculating DPS, so your sword won't say it does 97 damage
    • Betabound automatically detects Enhanced Storage/Improved Containers and adjusts itself automatically
    • More foods that come with their own plate/bowl/coche (or are Meatballs/Hothot Hotpot) remove the plate from the plate (yes, you read that right)
    • Changed the perspective of the 'soda can on a plate' sprites

    -=- Bug Fixes -=-
    • Modern Ladders now prompt SAIL to educate the player on expert ladder climbing techniques
    • NPC's no longer ignore theft committed with a Master Manipulator or Mining Drill
    • Vanilla bug fix: apex city books now spawn
    • Finally fixed the parry shield on Steel Chairs. It's no longer too low
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