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Betabound! v12e

A base-game enhancement mod featuring new content! Not an overhaul.

  1. Preservatives and ladder deployer!

    • Preservatives! Tired of food rotting on you? Find some sulphur and seaweed, then check your Foraging Table!
    • Adjusted pickaxe and drill recipes!
    • Ladder Deployer! Quickly places up to 10 ladders!

    -=- New -=-
    • Wrapping Table! Craft at a Wooden Crafting Table (or better). Use it to wrap multiple items in one parcel!
    • Sulphur! Mine it from the ground and use it to make Preservatives.
    • Alien Seaweed! Find it in the ocean and use it to make Preservatives.
    • Adjustments to armor recipes
    • Ladder Deployer! Quickly places up to 10 ladders

    -=- Crafting -=-
    • Mossy Packed Dirt available by default
    • Neon Block recipe available by default
    • Plant Block recipe available by default
    • Adjustments to vanilla recipes which use glass blocks

    • All non-stone pickaxes now require a stone pickaxe to craft instead of the previous tier pickaxe (basically, you don't need to make a copper, silver, gold, then platinum pickaxe to make a diamond drill.)
    • All non-hand-drill drills now require a hand drill to craft instead of-- Y'know what? Yeah, it's like the pickaxes.
    • Hand Drill recipe no longer uses iron; uses a bit more steel
    • Drill recipes require 12 materials (copper bar, diamond, etc) instead of 20
    • The recipes which upgrade a Stone Pickaxe/Hand Drill are uncraftable with the Universal Uncrafter mod. However, the ones which upgrade an already upgraded tool, such as reinforcing a copper pickaxe with silver remain unable to be uncrafted

    • Copper armor: Requires 1 woven fabric per piece
    • Silver armor: Requires 1 cotton wool per piece
    • Gold armor: Moved from Robotic Crafting Table to Metalwork Station; requires 1 titanium and 1 canvas per piece
    • Aegisalt/violium/rubium armor: Requires 1 silk per piece
    • Ferozium/cerulium armor: Requires 1 synthetic material per piece
    • Impervium armor: Requires 1 harden carapace per piece

    • Durasteel Elevator recipes changed
    • Long Wooden Elevator recipe changed
    • Flat Locker and Wide Locker now craftable

    -=- Weapons -=-
    • The Brain Extractor now applies a visual effect when a valid brain extraction target is shot
    • Nerfed Thorny Needler's alt fire
    • The Heat Ray now shoots through walls

    -=- Misc -=-
    • Removed 'can be used for crafting' from the descriptions of various crafting ingredients
    • Minor cosmetic adjustments to the tooltips of rice, kelp, and crystal plants
    • Added Sewer Flies and Glitch Spiders to Glitch Sewers
    • Empty Parcel now requires Timber Planks to craft
    • Cardboard Boxes now require additional Timber Planks to craft
    • Tweaked Food Depletion Suppression effect-- the one given by pizza
    • Gunpowder now requires sulphur
    • Improved some food sprites: Automato Shake, Bloody Puss, Carrot Juice, Cordial Glass, Kiwi Juice, Meat Juice, Meat Wine, Oculemonade Bottle, Pineapple Juice, Reef Juice, Reef Shake, Tomato Juice, Wine Glass, Weyene, Rice Wine, Rice Vinegar, and probably some more
    • Changed the name and description of Betabound's watering can to avoid confusion with vanilla's
    • Expanded on and added descriptions to some weapons
    • Object-Crafting objects, such as the Stone Furnace and Coffee Machine, now have a close button
    • Card Index now obtainable as loot in the Grand Pagoda Library mission

    -=- Bug Fixes -=-
    • Several melee weapons now have sounds
    • Corrosive Particles (purple fire) now have purple light
    • Several furniture recipes now properly appear in crafting
    • Corrected some rare cases where the game would crash
    • Fixed an oversight regarding hunger
    • Fixed a quest not accepting copper armor as armor
    • Empty Parcels and Parcels default to the same tab, correcting an issue where items could not be wrapped if the inventory was modded in such a way as to have the two items go into different tabs. This is also why the Upgrade Module Retriever seemingly stopped working in the inventory-- because Tech Swappers and Tech Cards/Drives go in different tabs of the inventory! This is stupid! I hate the inability to move items between tabs even more now, and I didn't think that was possible! I loathe it!
    • Fixed a bug with the parachute pack
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