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Betabound! v12b

A base-game enhancement mod featuring new content! Not an overhaul.

  1. Armor and oranges!

    1. Armor stat distribution changed. Affects Betabound armor only.
    1b. Armor provides up to 5 stats instead of up to 3.
    2. Orange recipes!

    -=- Food -=-
    • Orange juice and Orangenergy! Learn the recipes by obtaining an orange and a neonmelon, or check out a vending machine!

    -=- Armor -=-
    • Betabound armors now show their levels in tooltips
    • Betabound armors adjusted: stats are now better divided between armors
    • Snow Infantry stats adjusted

    -=- Weapons -=-
    • Reduced the prices of most racial weapons. Armor is next!
    • Racial daggers are no longer overpowered
    • Racial spear damage adjusted
    • Procedural weapons no longer have locked rarities

    -=- Outpost -=-
    • Terramart no longer sells items certain items. Mainly ones sold by Infinity Express. Items affected: Meatballs, Raw Bacon, Raw Ham, Red Apple, Orange
    • Terramart now sells Bottled Water
    • Infinity Express now sells cotton wool
    • Infinity Express now sells Air Pocket Generators upon completing the coffee questline
    • Reordered the list of items in Infinity Express

    -=- Tech -=-
    • Ground Smash no longer cancels early while waiting for chunks to load

    -=- Misc -=-
    • Radios now have the beta ship ambience as an option
    • Portable Pixel Printer has a new holographic animation
    • Pulse Rifles dyeable
    • Various improvements to the 'bio-implant GET!' cinematics
    • Lecterns now ACTUALLY sort alphabetically

    -=- Bug Fixes -=-
    • Glitch T10 broadsword now the correct dye things. v0.8.8.0 broke it
    • Mining Camp mining chests use the planet level
    • Updated sb_newquestnorewards.config with fixes from sb_newquest.config
    • Tall Chairs dropping the wrong type of wooden chairs
    • Ruin Portal being affected by weather
    • Fixed a bug with updating player files from early/mid 2021

    -=- Technical Changes -=-
    • Crayons, bows, armor, and racial axes/broadswords/daggers/hammers/shortswords/spears/staves adhere to sb_definitions
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