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Betabound! v12e

A base-game enhancement mod featuring new content! Not an overhaul.

  1. Ships and Songs!

    1. Ship upgrades! Craft items that power-up your ship. Made from Moonstone Ore.
    2. Music sheets! Collect them from treasure chests or story missions and rock out with a portable radio!
    3. New music!
    4. Esther now gives leveled reward bags
    5. Most Outpost quests give reward bags
    6. New tech: Fall Dampener! 20% fall damage reduction!

    -=- New -=-
    • Ship upgrades! Craftable at a Robotic Crafting Table.
    • Barrel set! Become a barrel with this rare two-piece cosmetic set.
    • Copper Ladders!
    • Overstuffed Automato!
    • Hylotl merchants can now sell Checkout Signs
    • Polymer! Use it to craft water/lava balloons
    • Whiskey Flasks! Basically a less potent form of Whiskey Bottles.
    • Music Sheets!
    • Portable Radio! Crafted at a Wooden Crafting Table.
    • Four new medicines! Shroom Remedy, Grass Remedy, Fungus Stim, and Synthesis Stim!
    • Wild Vines and Alien Wood Sap! Both are used to make medicine.
    • New tech: Fall Dampener! 20% fall damage reduction!

    -=- Consumables -=-
    • Glorp Soda removed; effects moved to Soda (sans food value), which is now renamed to Glorp Soda. Got it? It'll be on the test
    • Soda energy boost effect duration increased to 60, from 30
    • Oculemonade (craftable) renamed to Oculemonade Bottle; Oculemonade (purchasable) renamed to Oculemonade Can
    • Soda, Reef-Cola, and Oculemonade Can now stackable
    • Oculemonade Can grants 10 energy upon consumption, to match the effects of Oculemonade Bottles. The reason the cans don't give the food value or heal effect is because you used those good j u i c y Oculemons to make your stuff. (The actual reason is that it makes perfect sense for beta food, such as the bottle, to heal you, but it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever for vanilla food, such as the can, to heal you. If anyone wants to debate over whether or not store-bought Oculemonade should heal you, or if homemade Oculemonade shouldn't heal you, join the official Betabound Discord server!)
    • Box of Chocolates now grants an extended 25% run boost effect

    -=- Crafting Recipes -=-
    • Wooden Ladder recipe output is now 15, up from 5
    • Wooden Ladders craftable at Workbenches too
    • Javelins craftable
    • The following items now have alternate recipes: Synthetic Material (phase matter + oil), Battery (titanium + static cell), AA Battery (static cell)
    • Hunting Knife now requires 2 timber planks to craft; now craftable at a Foraging Table
    • T5-10 beds now require 3 silk and an additional bar
    • T5-10 chairs now require 5 leather, unfortunately
    • Box of Chocolates craftable at vanilla cooking table
    • Foraging Table craftable at Wooden Crafting Table
    • Sprinklers craftable at Robotic Crafting Table

    -=- Tech -=-
    • Radiation/Cold/Heat resist techs now offer 25% poison/ice/fire resistance, and state so in their description
    • Jeep energy cost per second increased
    • Tech Station now shows some tech stats

    -=- Misc -=-
    • Erchius Crystal (block) fuel: changed from 4 to 8
    • Plate improvements
    • Jeep turns with your character-- no more ' to turn'
    • 'Jetpack' type techs (Rocket Boots, Hover, and Gravity Neutraliser) now reduce fall damage by 50% when active. Active, as in, 'actively holding the space bar and thrusting'
    • For the Growing Trays mod, Rotten Apples and Revolting Stew can be used as fertilizer
    • Clothing Merchants can now sometimes sell rare cosmetic items
    • Added music to player stations (music will not be added to pre-existing stations)
    • Flesh Staves now appear more frequently in Heck Chests
    • Suit Tech Drives now use the same color as the other ones
    • Tech Drives now display their slot type in their subtitle (ie: "Tech (Body)" instead of "Tech")
    • Burning Coals now do damage to things which aren't players
    • Expanded on the descriptions of Core Fragments, Iron Bars, Tungsten Bars, and Durasteel Bars
    • Radio message for picking up a ladder
    • Durasteel Elevators now have uncommon rarity
    • Doom Furniture now has rare rarity
    • Arctic Ocean worlds can now have Ice Sphere Chests
    • Hunting Knife rarity changed
    • Did some fancy things... I got three hours of sleep today, how are you?

    -=- Quests -=-
    • Esther Bright now gives the player leveled reward bag. No more level 1 weapons at the end of the game!
    • Most Outpost quests give reward bags

    -=- Bug Fixes -=-
    • Shields now change their rarity with level
    • Female characters now get the female versions of the air/radiation upgrade cinematics
    • Lava balloons are no longer harmless when you land a direct hit
    • Armor, vehicle, seed, and filledcapturepod itemdescription subtitle fixes
    • More of a balancing change than a bug fix, but the weapons grown from Sword Stones now vary in level
    • Light Ball and Shock projectiles have speed
    • Morphball/Rollyball is no longer fullbright
    • Steel Chains placed in the foreground no longer hide the background tile behind them
    • Tech Development Console's screen no longer floats in the air. Also fixed missing pixels in a frame
    • Fixed 'Silt' being treated as a proper noun in its description. By that, I mean I eradicated all references to loose silt and replaced them with fine sand. You cannot convince me that "It's Silt[sic]. It's very silty." is a better description than "A fine glittering sand. Could probably be made into glass!"
    • Tech Equippers no longer freeze when attempting to equip a suit while not wearing a suit
    • Removed the rotting script from Box of Chocolates
    • Ladders now have the proper racial descriptions

    -=- Technical Changes -=-
    • `/tech/starbound/tech` no longer uses `tech` and `bio` arrays: it is one array now.
    • sb_biotech phased out; use sb_tech instead

    -=- Typos and Such -=-
    • Fixed a typo in a quest
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