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Betabound! v12e

A base-game enhancement mod featuring new content! Not an overhaul.


    1. LADDERS! Craft from the [C] Menu!
    2. Staves have alt abilities!
    3. Traps damage enemies!
    4. Milk Chocolate!

    -=- New -=-
    • Added ladders! Hold SPACE to quickly climb.
    • Added some new human clothes
    • Chef Merchants can now sell Betabound food
    • New block: Steel Chains!
    • New furniture: All-Seeing set! Find the recipes in eyepatch biomes.

    -=- Weapons -=-
    • You can now change direction while using a staff
    • Staves now have alt abilities
    • Guns with very high rates of fire now actually have them
    • ...And machine pistols now use vanilla stats, so... The above may never come into play for them
    • Toxic Broadswords can now have Travelling Slash as a special

    -=- Crafting Recipes -=-
    • Tesla Spikes printable at Portable Pixel Printer
    • Waz Lights craftable at Toy Maker's Table
    • All-Seeing Helmet craftable
    • Cheese/chocolate craftable at Wooden Cooking Table
    • Stim-bombs now craftable at vanilla medical table

    -=- Misc -=-
    • Adjusted Cerulium Sample sprite
    • Thorns status effect has some visual adjustments. I'm not sure why they were disabled or why they existed to begin it, or why they work the way they do, but I'm not here to ask 'why,' I'm here to ask 'why not.' Why NOT bring it back? Why NOT finish what was started a decade ago?
    • Gave the alternate Terramart vendors some more chill-pills.
    • Barbed Wire, Sawblades, Medieval Spikes, and Tesla Spikes now deal damage to enemies
    • Mining tools now count as a 'similar item' to Matter Manipulators
    • Removed /xrc_gleaps
    • xrc_ commands changed. Use sb_ instead. ie: sb_givemetech instead of xrc_givemetech
    • Uranium Rod fuel: changed from 8 to 10
    • Plutonium Rod fuel: changed from 12 to 15
    • Solarium Rod fuel: changed from 16 to 20
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