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Betabound! v12e

A base-game enhancement mod featuring new content! Not an overhaul.

  1. Produce and special attacks!

    1. Broadswords, spears, hammers, rifles, rocket launchers, lightning coils, and shotguns have alt abilities now!
    2. New variants of produce! Temporarily increase your stats or use them in cooking to unlock their true potential!

    -=- Weapons -=-
    • Added the Frost Spear! Find it in ice biomes
    • As mentioned above, many weapons now have alt abilities
    • Lightning Coils now have a new possible projectile
    • Nerfed Thorny Needlers and Stinger Guns
    • Increased energy usage for Corrosive Gun's primary
    • Rainbow Swords have stat variance now

    -=- New -=-
    • Pristine Pearlpeas! Found alongside regular pearlpeas, these high-quality ones will temporarily increase your armour stat!
    • Ripe bananas! Found alongside regular bananas, these will temporarily increase your movement speed and max energy!
    • Steel Boltbulbs! Found alongside regular boltbulbs, they will temporarily increase your max energy for an extended duration!
    • Avesmingo Clusters! Run and jump boost!
    • Severed Beakseeds! Tiny health boost!
    • Juicy Oculemon! A slightly larger health boost!
    • Oozing Pussplum! Jump boost!
    • Overstuffed Dirturchin! Unlock the recipe by obtaining a dirturchin

    -=- Crafting Recipes -=-
    • Cooking recipes which used avesmingoes/pearlpeas/beakseeds/bananas/boltbulbs/oculemon/pussplums now use their 'quality' variants (ie: pristine pearlpeas)
    • Dishes made with pristine pearlpeas also increase protection
    • Cooking recipes which used candy now use sugar
    • Toffee recipe changed from Water, Candy, and Sugar to Butter and Sugar.
    • Toffee Apple and Toffee stats changed
    • Remove redundant Candied Corn recipe. Candied Corn still craftable at Wooden Cooking Table
    • Corn Cob now made with butter. Stats adjusted. Recipe unlocked from butter
    • Corn on the Blob uses corn instead of corn cob. Stats unchanged

    -=- Misc -=-
    • Superb Coffee Beans now grant energy regeneration
    • Adjustments to Terminite and X-Terminitor
    • Technical stuff involving the thing that usually bricks characters and causes PGI's. Don't worry, I'm a trained professional. You shouldn't notice anything.
    • Renamed Defence+ to Protection+ because nobody could decide whether to use British English, American English, or both. So we took a fourth option
    • Rearranged the crafting filters in both cooking stations
    • Replaced the Hammer and Wrench icons in the cooking interface with more appropriate ones
    • Expanded the category filter area in the cooking interface to make room for a new filter: Protection!
    • Decreased Huge Biped stun time
    • Added items to the Idle Factories mod
    • Made Moonstone Ore clusters twice as large
    • The popups triggered by attempting to use a boss summon item in a bad location (ie: underground, too cramped, on a ship) are now silent
    • Betabound's food, seeds, drinks, produce, and meat can now be sold via Terramart Shipments
    • Betabound shields now use vanilla's updateAim function

    -=- Quests -=-
    • Changed the type of broadsword given from 'Butcher, Baker, Widow Maker'
    • Changed the type of shotgun given from 'Pest Problem'
    • Changed the type of axe given from 'Jail House Rock'
    • Changed the type of spear given from 'A Bone to Pick'
    (Characters that have previously completed these quests will automatically receive these items, provided they have inventory space.)

    -=- Bug Fixes -=-
    • Fixed incorrect knockback with hammers
    • Fixed Rainbow Swords always being level 1
    • (Vanilla) Fixed Mech Blueprints not covering their rarity border
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