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Betabound! v13

A base-game enhancement mod featuring new content! Not an overhaul.

  1. Update!

    • Added the Separator's Table for crafting melee weapons!
    • The Atomic Furnace now has access to the recipes of its predecessors!
    (Atomic Furnace can craft iron and such now)

    • Added Avian Blasters and Guns to the universe!
    • Added 60 new craftable racial daggers!
    • Slave Sword now has thrusting sounds
    • Water Sword now has more bubbly sounds
    • Most procedural weapons now have color!
    • Brain extractor now has sounds!
    • Flamebolts now have a cooler flame trail

    • Mining Helmet can now show in the armor category
    • Added 2 new shirts
    • Winter Scarves are now craftable
    • Winter Scarves give warmth
    • Most default racial clothes now give minor stat buffs
    • Devs with cosmetic outfits now wear them
    • Reduced sell price of crafted snow infantry armor

    • Certain items now rot into rotten versions of themselves
    • Red, green, and rotten apples now teach the rotten apple recipe
    • Raw flesh lumps now teach the cooked flesh lump recipe
    • The tooltip subtitle for edible rotten foods now implies it could be eaten

    • Coal unlocks the gunpowder recipe
    • Inspection Mode works more smoothly and has racial descriptions for inspecting empty space.
    • 'New Inventory Item' animation replaced
    • Fixed some prices and rarities of two repair tools
    • Brains have prices and the proper tooltips

    [Bug Fixes]
    • Fixed the tech station being weird when only one biotech is owned
    • Fixed a minor error with muzzle flashes

    [Vanilla Bug Fixes]
    • Human Concept outfits now have prices
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