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Betabound! v10c

A large mod bringing back tons of new content!

  1. Sock_Bunny
    tech station.png

    From upgradable pickaxes, new crafting stations, new types of tech, 26 new tech to discover, improvised weaponry, new ores, new alloys, new quests, new food, repairable pickaxes, repairable drills, new recipes, new blueprints to discover, new bosses, new blueprints to buy, to an overhauled crafting interface, this mod changes the way you craft, explore, defend, and fight in a simple-to-learn-hard-to-master way!


    • Upgradable pickaxes!
    • Upgradable drills!
    • Repairable pickaxes!
    • Repairable drills!
    • 26 new tech!
    • 1 new tech slot!
    • New weapons!
    • New ores!
    • New alloys!
    • New food!
    • New recipes!
    • New bosses!
    • New crafting interface!
    • New quests!
    Butcher, Baker, Widow Maker.png
    Crafting, with a table.png

    "I installed the mod. HELP! WHAT DO I DO NOW?!"
    Craft a Wooden Crafting Table!
    Craft a Distress Beacon!
    Commit murder.

    "I got to the outpost and these people have... QUESTS! HELP!"
    Do the quests if you want! You can get some pretty snazzy stuff from it!

    "HELP! I got a Bioimplant but it ain't showin' in the gosh-darned tech station!"
    Use the wall-one, and use the Bioimplant Techchip!

    "can i use stuff from this mod in my mod"

    "how do I get blueprints for the cooking table?"
    Find them in villages or buy them from merchants!

    A special 'thank you' to pngimage.net for allowing me to use their image in the logo!
    Source: https://pngimage.net/beta-logo-png-5/
    Shoutout to Aegonian for providing an essential bit of code which allows holiday content to be possible! Check out their work here!
    Without the help of jss2a98aj in optimizing the unique mod music, we wouldn't have those tracks! Show your appreciation by paying his Starbound Patch Project a visit!
    The Orange Juice sprite was created by Frykas! Check out his work here!
    Reefpod-based items give a swim boost buff thanks to BlossomDancer's Reefpod Gives Swim Boost mod! Check it out!
    A handful of sprites were done by Rhopunzel! Check out their work here!
    The Black Current Crumble and Crystal Chips sprites were made by SOULs! Check out their work here!
    Thanks to Tea-Loving Lad, many of Betabound's angled weapons were straightened and given visual upgrades! Check out their work here!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Do not include this mod in compilations.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.

Recent Updates

  1. lantern fix
  2. combinable augment fix
  3. Crafted weapon adjustments!!!

Recent Reviews

  1. JuniorLyra_22
    Version: v10c
    I love this mod!
  2. YukiKazePoi
    Version: v9.4
  3. Doogoul
    Version: v9.1
    Great mod, I wonder if there is a mushroom cap and a king's crown? as in older versions
    1. Sock_Bunny
      Author's Response
      Thank you! And yes, there are-- you can either research or find the mushroom cap in mushroom biomes and the crown drops from glitch kings
  4. glider521al
    Version: v9.1
    Fantastic mod, nice to see that you've continued to update it! Beta Bound brings back the memorable features of Starbound Beta while integrating a plethora of new content and mechanics.
  5. faennia
    Version: v8.11.1b
    Pretty nice mod!
  6. Mix.quail
    Version: v8.11.1
    Great mod! Thank you very much! I really liked it)
  7. That1Rand0mChannel
    Version: v8.6.2
    This. Despite me still having the giraffe beta and koala beta, this mod here is an absolute lifesaver for others who don't have the original betas. Not to mention the fact that it actually features the beta content instead of a half-assed outdated legacy features mod. The biggest factor of why this mod is amazing is the fact that it is literally just starbound beta with the current starbound stuff, so I can literally use Starbound Beta's overpowered techs while building a proper big ass colony (something that sucked in old starbound beta until they revamped it to a much better system that it is today) An underrated work of passion from a true starbound fan.
    1. Sock_Bunny
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much! ;-;
  8. Apple Juice
    Apple Juice
    Version: v8.5.2c
    Yes very good me likey
    1. Sock_Bunny
      Author's Response
  9. jss2a98aj
    Version: v8.4.1d
    Starbound beta versions had a lot off cool stuff. Having a selection of it back with improvements is great.
    1. Sock_Bunny
      Author's Response
  10. KuyaBatman
    Version: v8.4.0
    nice mod, been using it awhile, can you make another version of this but only the techs, i know there is already the legacy techs mod, but they dont work and i really like being able to loot techs from chests :)