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Outdated Beldehor Race Mod 0.1.5

Adds a race of aggressive, semi-amorphous cyclopeans to Starbound.

  1. Weapon Drop #1

    Wall of Knowledge
    -added starter weapons (shortsword and gun)
    -added crafting recipes for new starter clothes (race-specific)
    -added two new throwing weapons with crafting recipes (not race-specific: unlock them by picking up gunpowder and steel, respectively)
    -added one female hairstyle

    -with the armor balance issues noted previously by CF, the gun may be slightly underpowered; it has a higher RoF and lower damage than the novakid starter pistol, but equal DPS
    -the throwing weapons may or may not be terribly balanced; please post feedback in the discussion thread
    -don't expect very many male hairstyles for a while; i already procrastinate too much on hair and males admittedly aren't a focus of development :lickitung:

    Plans for next patch:
    -tier 1 weapons reforged from the starter weapons/other tier 1 weapons
    -more starter clothes/clothes in general
    -dedicated crafting bench for guns, bombs, and the like
    -start work on codices/resume work on AI
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