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Outdated Beldehor Race Mod 0.1.5

Adds a race of aggressive, semi-amorphous cyclopeans to Starbound.

  1. v.Nice Boots

    Wall of Knowledge
    Just getting warmed up: mostly some tweaks and simple spritework as I learn how to make different sorts of assets.

    -fixed junk code in mission3.aimission.patch
    -fixed shading on female idle5 sprite
    -fixed laughing animation (subject to further tweaking)
    -added new starter clothes (1 bottom, 2 tops)
    -added one female hairstyle (new hair will replace existing assets)
    -integrated apex starter clothes

    -Starter weapons
    -learn how to sprite skirts and basically anything with foreshortening
    -create crafting recipes for starter clothes
    -a couple lore elements are nearly finished and will be edited into the mod's description when done, hopefully within the next day; I plan to roll it out piecemeal alongside/nearby updates.

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