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Outdated Beldehor Race Mod 0.1.5

Adds a race of aggressive, semi-amorphous cyclopeans to Starbound.

  1. Wall of Knowledge
    Please note, this is an alpha build. Bugs may exist, and many planned features are currently missing. If something breaks horribly, please shoot me a PM with your error log.

    As a race mod, you will need a character screen extender such as Kawa's Xbawks for this mod to function.

    This made is made for and only compatible with v.Upbeat Giraffe.

    Current Features:
    -Custom 1-eyed race
    -emotes modified to accommodate single eye
    -several custom (female) hairstyles (and a couple nicked from the hylotl)
    -6 low-tier weapons (2 guns, 2 swords, 2 throwing weapons)
    -Various starting clothes
    -Fully custom AI (Done!)

    Planned Features (In no particular order):
    -a crapton more hairstyles, gradually replacing vanilla human assets
    -more custom weapons and armor, including craftable guns and throwables
    -more uses for tar, oil (including food!), and gunpowder (probably not including food)
    -New ships, crops, codices, and possibly quests
    -Unique racial techs
    -Beldehor NPCs, towns, and dungeons

    The Beldehor were, once upon a time, human colonists, deployed to settle, exploit, and ultimately terraform a hazardous but fertile and mineral-rich world. Unfortunately, they either dramatically underestimated the threat the environment posed, or overestimated the quality of their protective gear: with distress beacons standing unanswered, the majority of the colonists fell prey to the toxic atmosphere, dangerous wildlife, virulent diseases, or exotic radiation; the few survivors were irrevocably changed as their genetic structure was broken down and reshaped to adapt to their hostile home.

    Over a century later, when their erstwhile patrons finally arrived to rescue the colony, they found no trace of the original settlers; instead, they were greeted by paranoid, xenophobic, oily, shapeshifting (mostly) humanoid monsters. Shocked and revolted, the captain of the rescue fleet ordered the extermination of the poorly-equipped but incredibly well-adapted aliens in an alarming display of inexperience and poor judgement.

    A massacre followed, and with the stragglers being rounded up and used to capture the orbiting fleet, the recovered technologies sparked a population explosion, technological renaissance, and rapid centralization of the newly-minted Beldehan Imperium. Within only a few short years, and with their homeworld unified by superior armament and the promise of manifest destiny, the Beldehor have begun their rapid and aggressive expansion to their neighboring stars.

    As a freshly anointed Pathfinder of the Imperial Fleet, will you go forth and burn the might of the fledgling Imperium into the stars, or make off with the ship and carve your own path through the galaxy?

    Beldehor Society:

    There are two primary undercurrents in Beldehor fashion: On one hand, their nudity taboo eroded as their ability to mold their bodies developed, and they tend to disdain tight and restrictive clothing when they don't forego it completely; even protective clothing and armor has become significantly less substantial except where extreme heat or cold are concerned, due to their developing in an extremely toxic environment and declining number of appreciably vital organs.

    On the other hand, there has been a growing fascination with Apex (and to a lesser extent, human) fashion in recent years; with even ordinary citizens wearing military-styled uniforms giving off the impression of a united front, they regard it as appropriately intimidating and demanding of attention and respect; the new Imperial military government immediately began attempting to imitate (or outright copy) the style, and it has become popular with most Beldehor whom interact with other races.

    Foreign Relations:
    The Beldehor generally have an unpleasant combination of arrogance and paranoia; coupled with an aggressively expansionist and xenophobic government, the Imperium finds few friends among the stars.

    -Humans: Beldehor don't like humans. They're considered crass, untrustworthy, inferior beings who are entirely responsible for the Beldehor's current state of affairs. Some particular humans are tolerated (if looked down on) on a case-by-case basis, but the UNSC is considered an enemy of the state, and with the destruction of Earth sending them into disarray, the Imperial Fleet has no compunctions whatsoever about attacking and subjugating UNSC outposts and fringe worlds (at least until they can reorganize enough to launch a counterattack).

    -Avians: Quaint. Kluex worship has gained virtually no traction in Beldehor territory (and would likely be persecuted if it did), and the Imperium doesn't particularly care about the Avians one way or another; they don't receive direct attention from the Fleet, but the Fleet doesn't stop forward elements or privateers from harassing them, either.

    -Apex: Of all of the races, the Apex are the ones the Beldehor most see as equals, having a healthy amount of respect for their voluntary decision to shed the softness of their humanity in exchange for intellectual superiority. Despite the unpopularity of the Miniknog in the galactic arena, they and the Imperium actually see eye-to-eye on a lot of things- distrust for outsiders, the necessity of controlling their own populations, and a drive for technological superiority. Although they do posses treaties and collaborate in some areas- the two regimes particularly enjoy hunting down and capturing the dissenters and political refugees of the other, holding them ransom in exchange for political concessions- an outside perspective would more accurately pin the two as rivals than allies, their relations rife with espionage. How long this charade of cordiality can last before one attempts to assert dominance over the other is anyone's guess.

    -Florans: Regarded near-universally as barely-sentient, inherently inferior savages. However, as the Beldehor are inedible to them, and the Florans produce nothing the Imperium wants, the two peoples have no notable diplomatic relations (inasfar as official relations with the Florans are even possible), and prefer to ignore each other entirely whenever possible.

    -Hylotl: The Beldehor have had very little contact with the Hylotl outside of wandering peacekeepers and evangelicals, who tend have just as harsh criticisms for them as they would usually reserve for the Miniknog. As such, they're viewed as a potential threat to Imperial authority, and either monitored heavily or barred entirely from Imperial space.

    -Glitch: Even more quaint than the Avians, but potentially useful. Individual Glitch are viewed as novelties and welcomed (if not entirely respected) by the citizenry, though the military government has a much less endearing view of them. Elements of the Imperial Fleet have been known to negotiate with individual Glitch kings, forming territorial compacts or hiring out their forces as contractors or auxiliaries, but small kingdoms- or those with few neighboring allies- who refuse to cooperate are usually attacked, the standard of living of their serfs improved little by new overlords who view them simply as machines playing dress-up.

    -Novakids: Not perceived as a legitimate threat by the Imperium, due to their general lack of societal cohesion. Many Beldehor have developed a soft spot for them, in fact, given their clumsy demeanor and the fact that they're some of the few beings who can safely visit their homeworld. Naturally, they're rarely trusted with anything important.

    More Details Coming Soon™

    While Beldehor are generally referred to as 'cyclopean' due to their large, central eye, the impermanence of their bodies and hostility of their homeworld means many choose to carry backup eyes... and mouths, and other useful or exotic appendages.

    -apotheoseGrifter for creative consultation and feedback, even if you were too easily distracted to actually help with the mod,
    -Kenkou Cross for being an amazing (if NSFW) artist and inspiring this mod,
    -/sbg/ for feedback, endless hours of shitposting and smut entertainment, and being adorably tsundere generally pretty cool guys.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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Recent Updates

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Recent Reviews

  1. BlackDragon666
    Version: 0.1.5
    link broken
  2. Millinescence
    Version: 0.1.5
    This mod is awesome so far, I love the design and lore behind them, and especially the custom hair styles it has. Keep up the good work~! \(⌒)
  3. Cylek
    Version: 1.4
    Great mod, but i condone your use of Mega.co.nz as a mirror. They've been pretty shifty and actually downloads the file twice, increase bandwith usage and HD consumption.
    1. Wall of Knowledge
      Author's Response
      You mean codemn, right? I started using Mega because this site wouldn't let me upload the archive and I strongly dislike Mediafire. What other mirrors are there that are easy to use and reliable? What would you recommend?
  4. FlashTrickstar
    Version: 1.4
    Nice job on this race, I really like the design! Now someone just needs to make an edit to give them transparent arms or something similar and give them a certain outfit and hairstyle and we'll have Demo from "A Super Mario Thing" in Starbound! XD
  5. Reversal
    Version: 0.1.3
    One step closer to finally having MGQBound!! On a more serious note, I really like what you've done here. Looking forward to future additions for this mod.
  6. DocFourven
    Version: 0.1.3
    I love the design of this race, the lore is wonderful, I get to be a super-awesome Beholder Tar lady? Sweet.

    The Hairstyles are pretty awesome, and the armor already looks pretty cool. If I ever get my race mod up and running, I would love to have support to have my race talk about Beldehor.
  7. RoseTyler51
    Version: 0.1.3
    Very awesome looking race you have here. I can't wait to see what you do next with them.
  8. Fearis31
    Version: 0.1.1
    A fun new race. Can't wait for the updates!
  9. Agoraphobian
    Version: 0.1.0
    They look really interesting! Definitely going to make a new character with this race.

    Out of curiosity, those two characters at the bottom...their hair looks like Mawile (Pokemon) and Fillia (Skullgirls).
    Are they references, or am I just crazy?
    1. Wall of Knowledge
      Author's Response
      Yes and kinda; the extra eyes aren't quite the same as Samson's. There'll be a lot more hair sprites soon (and not all of them references), though I may end up asking for contributions in the thread; hair spriting is hard!