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Bees! v:Unstable/Pre 1.0

A massive addition to Starbound centered around Beekeeping! +Armor, Blocks, Furniture, and tons more

  1. Eclipse Bees! Bees now react to the time of day!

    All normal bees now only produce during the day.

    Dark, Eclipse, Nocturnal, Moon, Satyr bees now only work during the night.

    There is one way around this.

    To make bees produce during the day, create an eclipse frame. That will make all nocturnal bees think it is night. They'll work 24/7.

    To make bees produce during the night, create a solar frame. This will make all day time bees produce 24/7.

    Eclipse bees have been added.
    Eclipse Frame has been added.
  2. Solar Frame, Sun Bees, Treasurepools Fixed.

    Bee Evolution updated on main page with a graphical guide in 3... 2.. 1...
  3. Tweaks, New Frames

    Uranium Frame: Slightly more mutated bees.
    Plutonium Frame: Slightly better than the Uranium Frame.
    Rubium Frame: Slight overall production increase.

    Apiaries balanced and slowed. Bee production tweaked (Making frames more useful)
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  4. Bug Fixes

    PGI Fix, Drone spawn fix.
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  5. Error log bug fix. 2 New Frames.

    Scented: Faster drone production.
    Durasteel: Faster item production.
  6. Frames Added!

    3 Frame types that go in the apiary!

    Basic: 33% more honey.
    Golden: 66% more honey.
    Proven: 33% more items.

    Queens once again stack.
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  7. Balance/Function Major Changes.

    Bees, when hit with a net, now only drop queens. (Drones don't leave the hive).

    Drones now spawn inside the apiary.

    This means mutated queens will still fly out, and mutated drones will appear in the items.

    Now, the reason for this:

    Drone counts will now naturally increase in a new apiary, up to 64.

    Basically, the longer you wait, the slower drones spawn... however, the more drones, the faster drones spawn... so it almost evens out. This means every time you revisit your planet, the...
  8. Breeder added. Bugs fixed.

    New object, the breeder, can be located under apiaries in the crafting table.
    This special apiary catches bees for you as they breed. There's no need for a net. It, however, is expensive to make, and rarely mutates bees.

    Fairy Bees are once again obtainable.

    Moon bees shouldn't bug out.
  9. Totally new LUA script. Balanced.

    New LUA for the Apiary and Aviary. This will make it easier to update in the future. Thank you, Eurosat7!!!!

    Extra drones now slightly increase efficiency of apiaries.

    1 drone: 1X
    4 drones: 2X
    9 drones: 3X
    16 drones: 4X


    To compensate, apiaries have been slowed by default.
  10. I accidently your face

    and had to fix it. Sorry, LUA bug.