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Bees! v:Unstable/Pre 1.0

A massive addition to Starbound centered around Beekeeping! +Armor, Blocks, Furniture, and tons more

  1. Scented Apiary Fix. New armor/sword/flowers.

    Flower bees now spawn a flower. This flower will increase the speed of honey production for nearby apiaries. Multiple flowers stack. Plant them near by!

    New armor set, courtesy of the Asuna's Armor mod.

    New sword: Save the Queen.
  2. Scented Apiary Added.

    The Scented Apiary is just a floral apiary that does not spawn additional bees. It has been created so that you can stop certain bee types from producing those pesky queens.

    It has a down side: It also does not spawn drones.

    I'll add some frames later that stop either queen or drone production.
  3. Bug Fix

    Bug Fix - Apiary
  4. Centrifuge updated. Silkflies useful now.

    Silk Fly has been renamed Dragon Fly in game.

    Centrifuges now succeed more often.

    Alvearies should now spawn radioactive bees.
  5. Frame bug fix.

    frames were going out of control.
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  6. Mythical bee fix. Giant Hive Fix.

    Alvearies can now hold 2 frames.

    If the frames conflict, the second frame overrides the first. This only currently applies to Zeus and Hades frames, eclipse and solar frames.

    A warm and cool frame will cancel each other out.

    All other frames can be mixed without a problem.
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  7. Forgot to update treasurepools! BUG FIX!

    frigid bee froze the game when captured. Fixed that.

    Oh, and since I'm updating, ninja additions:

    Zeus Bees,
    Hades Bees,
    Mythical Bees,

    Godly Frame,
    Underworld Frame.
  8. Player.config fixed, way more recipes show up now. Frigid bees added. Many tweaks.

    Sorry for another update so soon guys! Just realized many blocks, items, etc were never showing up at the crafting table. That should be fixed.

    A few things got pulled in with the fix that I had already finished this morning:

    Frigid Bees: Frozen wax chunks. Used to make blue wax blocks and platforms.

    Cool Frame: Snow Comb -> Frigid Comb change.

    Red Wax Sword.

    Snows/Frigid Bees now have a trail of falling snow.
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  9. New line of ore bees! Check the chart on the main page!

    Copper, Silver, Gold, Iron, and Titanium bees added.
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  10. Centrifuges - Extract only ITEMS from combs!

    Most bees now have a unique comb type associated with them.

    Place this comb in a Honey Extractor and see what honey type it makes. (about half make generic honey still... the other half have unique results)

    Place the combs in a Centrifuge of any type, and get items from it!

    For example, Normalcombs + Glass Jars in a honey extractor make Honey jars.
    Rockcombs + Glass Jars also make Honey Jars.
    Floral Combs + Glass jars make Floral Honey Jars.

    Normal Combs in a Centrifuge make Wax Chunks....