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Bees! v:Unstable/Pre 1.0

A massive addition to Starbound centered around Beekeeping! +Armor, Blocks, Furniture, and tons more

  1. Industrial Centrifuge update

    Now correct exports honey to the honey jarrer, allowing the creation of honey jars and combs.
  2. 4 Fixes

    Volcanic Bee drop pools fixed.

    Bee Flower updated to new plant system.

    Radioactive bees spawn more quickly.

    Rubium Frame recipe fixed.
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  3. Fixed blocks/Treasure Pools.

    Starter bees can now drop drones when caught with a net.

    Blocks added by the mod have been fixed.

    Mod is now compatible with the unstable branch.

    Please PM me if you would like to use this mod or its resources now that it has been updated to unstable.
  4. Update for the unstable branch of Starbound

    Alright, i'll be working on the site for a while, but for now:

    -Entire mod patched for unstable.
    -Bees now use the current in game bug system.
    -Some objects removed. Potions removed.
    -Shield added to the Queen set.
    -Temperature removed from apiaries, since it's not really a thing, now.

    Let me know if you run into any bugs! I'm sure there are some, I've just been testing and patching the mod for ~20 hours and can't find any more. Cactuarlisk is my...
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  5. Centrifuges Fixed.

    Interfaces fixed.

    Industrial Centrifuge works again.
  6. Industrial Centrifuge -> Honey Jarrer. Bee Suit!

    Installed an industrial centrifuge next to a honey jarrer (with empty jars in it) will automatically jar honey.

    Bee suit added.
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  7. Centrifuge Graphical Update courtesy of Sacre!

    Centrifuges redone!

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  8. Difficult Reduction: Varroa Mites

    Anti-Mite strips no longer cause the apiary to stop function.
    Anti-Mite strips no longer have a time limit.

    This is to combat serious micromanagement from taking place.
  9. Varroa Mites, Graphical Updates, Balance Updates!

    Varroa Mites now spawn in the apiaries at random! (it's rare don't worry!

    If they do, you'll need some flower bees to fix the problem!
    Flower bees sometimes spawn a bee flower, which contains an anti parasitic chemical! Mix the heads of bee flowers with some wax under "misc" at the apiary crafting table. This will give you an anti-parasitic strip!

    Now, place the strip in slot 1 of the apiary output, and watch the mites die!

    Bees have been scaled down.
    Queens spawn more often.
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  10. Bug Fixes

    Radioactive Queen fix.
    Alveary text fix.
    Other misc fixes.