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Bees! v:Unstable/Pre 1.0

A massive addition to Starbound centered around Beekeeping! +Armor, Blocks, Furniture, and tons more

  1. Bees! Unstable update / preparation for Starbound 1.0

    It may still contain bugs, but food/honey/apiaries/furniture have been updated to work with starbound unstable. This is part of preparation for 1.0.

    I didn't see any bugs it after ~8 hours of updating/bug testing, but if you find a bug please let me know. I may have overlooked some things
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  2. Bug Fixes

    • Moon bees now give moon combs, which can be used to gain small amounts of fuel.
    • Plutonium and Uranium frames both can be used to make radioactive bees, and only use ore to craft (not rods).
    • Miner bees now correctly respond to different frames, allowing them to gather combs of different varieties.

    Please keep in mind that Frackin Flora now contains bees!, and these bug fixes only apply to the standalone version.
  3. Pleased Bees

    Updated for Please Giraffe.


    • Weapons / Armor rebalanced to fit better with the current items.
    • 2 Handed weapons now have abilities.
    • (Yes, Bee Wings are a bit overpowered now.)
    • Queen's Armor can now be dyed.
    • Bees and honey have sell value... pixel time!
    • Bee Refuge removed.
    • PGI fixed on Rubium Frame.
    • Flowers now drop the correct seeds when harvested.
    • Made you look.
    • Flower + Hardy - > Red. (Previously...
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  4. Uranium Frame Recipe Fix

    Uranium Frame Recipe Fixed and now requires Uranium ore, not rods.

    Bees! is being integrated into Frackin Universe! If this link has a bug, and I have not yet fixed it, you can always just download Frackin Universe in the future.
  5. Stinging Temporarily Disabled, new recipes.

    • Stinging bees temporarily will not sting. Apparently it wasnt being blocked by the bee suit.
    • New item: Cementing Compound. Made from bone dust + clay + water (vanilla bones or ghostly combs produce bone dust)
    • Castle wall bricks x 2, plant matter blocks, petal blocks can all be made with the bee crafting table. Cementing compound is required. (Cement is located on the net tab of the bee crafting table.)
    • Volcanic combs now produce basalt in the centrifuge.
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  6. Updated to prepare for next stable update. Some fixes.

    • Updated for unstable / hopefully the next stable.
    • Solar/Eclipse frames now work properly.
    • Iron Centrifuge is now animated with sound.
    • Spamming flowers is less important, and new apiaries will spawn more drones at the start. (Do unstable flowers only grow on tilled soil?)
    • Flying bees use less system resources.
    • Golden Wood Planks have been added to the recipe list for blocks at the mod's crafting station.
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  7. Better Day and Night. Centrifuge bug fix.

    Apiaries now function much more accurately during day/night cycle.

    Wooden centrifuge/Iron Centrifuge bug fix.
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  8. More Gear / Bug Fix

    The following bugs have been addressed:
    • Godly Honeycombs can no longer spawn infinite honey jars.
    • Honey Jarring Machine no longer generates an error when placed alone.
    The following gear has been added:
    • Golden Knight's Armor (not shown)
    • Golden Blade (1)
    • Honey Hammer (2)
    • Petal Sword (3)
    • Amber Sword (4)
    • Mega Honey Hammer (not shown)

    -this was due to having made these resources for another mod. I did not want...
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  9. Honey crystal furniture/blocks have been returned to the mod.

    1 Honeycomb + 1 crystal block = 1 Honey Crystal Block.

    Just wanted to stay true to my word and bring them back.
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  10. Paint Tool -> Bees Blocks bugfix. Queen's armor/weapons texture update.

    • All 13 of the mod's blocks no longer interact improperly with the paint tool. This will prevent crashes.
    • Queen's Armor has been re-detailed. (As always thank you to the author of Asuna's Armor for the textures.)
    • Save the queen is now colored like the sword in FFIX. http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Save_the_Queen
    • Queen's Wrath is now named Venetia Shield and looks more flowery.

      Ths was added to this patch a few hours later...