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Bees! v:Unstable/Pre 1.0

A massive addition to Starbound centered around Beekeeping! +Armor, Blocks, Furniture, and tons more

  1. Pleased Bees

    Updated for Please Giraffe.


    • Weapons / Armor rebalanced to fit better with the current items.
    • 2 Handed weapons now have abilities.
    • (Yes, Bee Wings are a bit overpowered now.)
    • Queen's Armor can now be dyed.
    • Bees and honey have sell value... pixel time!
    • Bee Refuge removed.
    • PGI fixed on Rubium Frame.
    • Flowers now drop the correct seeds when harvested.
    • Made you look.
    • Flower + Hardy - > Red. (Previously flower + normal.)
    • Apiary source code restructured. It should now be easier to add new species through a small table.
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