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Bees! v:Unstable/Pre 1.0

A massive addition to Starbound centered around Beekeeping! +Armor, Blocks, Furniture, and tons more

  1. Cactuar
    Much of this mod can now be found as a part of Frackin Universe

    Yes, you may include this mod in your compilation / mod pack without asking for permission.

    If you would like to expand this mod, or use assets in some way that integrates our mods: you may make a standalone addon without asking permission, with limitations. Details at bottom.


    Are you...

    • Looking for tiered progression to add longevity to your game?
    • Looking for a way to generate resources based on your hard work, with some automation?
    • Looking for many new blocks, potions, armor, weapons, and furniture?

    Then try Bees!

    Bees! is a bee keeping mod for Starbound that adds a large number of items, armor, weapons, furniture, objects, blocks, creatures, etc. to the game, all related to honey bees. (Inspired by Forestry for minecraft, but not a clone.)

    Tiers of new bees are gained by catching different honey bee varieties from different planets, and cross breeding them. Bees react to the day/night cycle of Starbound, and will produce faster with larger populations and more flowers.


    Important Information
    (Read this if you need help getting started)
    Apiaries do not function if no flowers are near them. (80 block range.) On most grassy planets, you'll automatically be in range of some.

    • More Flowers = More power. (Faster production.)
    • More Drones = More power. (Faster production.)
    • When breeding, queens do not spawn in the apiary. They fly out. You need to catch them with the bug net.
    • Many items are gained through placing combs in a centrifuge.
    • Honey can be jarred by placing the Industrial Centrifuge next to the Honey Jarring Machine. Place empty jars in the Jarring Machine, and combs in the centrifuge. The centrifuge will pump the honey over. There is no drawback to using these machines, only benefits.
    • Radioactive Bees require a uranium frame to be bred.
    • Three types of bees will sting. The bee suit prevents the damage.
    • Honey related consumables heal separately from bandages. They heal very slowly but last a while, perfect for that long mission.

    A few notes:

    If you're getting a Starbound error, please copy the info from starbound.log, found one folder above/before your mod folder (If you can see the folder named "Mods", you should also see "starbound.log"). Please also include a list of other mods used. I have spent hundreds of hours working on this mod.

    Delete old versions of ALL mods before installing new ones. If another author just updated their mod, and now you have a conflict, please notify that person first.

    Asking me to spend an hour troubleshooting, later to realize you have an outdated mod installed detracts from my time. Sending me the log so that I can quickly identify your error should only take you a minute.

    All future items added by this mod have the prefix bees_ before the item name to prevent conflicts. Old items will be updated if a full wipe takes place, otherwise spawning Perfectly Generic Items is not optimal. If the author of the wonderful new mod "Joe's Cooking" makes an item called "grapehoneystraw" and names it this in the item file, starbound can't handle having duplicates between mods and will crash.​

    Guide and Item Listing

    Discovered Bees:
    • Jungle: Jungle Biomes.
    • Normal: Garden Biomes. (Lush)
    • Forest: Forest Biomes.
    • Arid: Desert Biomes.
    • Volcanic: Volcanic Biomes.
    • Arctic: Snowy/Tundra Biomes.
    • Flower: Grasslands Biomes.
    Note: Bees are not guaranteed to spawn on every planet of that biome. Some planets will have no bees.

    Bee Breeding:
    Important: Queens fly around, you have to catch them with the net! They will not appear in the apiary automatically.

    Exceptional Branch
    Hardy Bees: Normal + Forest
    Adaptive Bees: Arctic + Volcanic
    Exceptional Bees: Hardy + Adaptive
    Morbid Branch (These bees may sting.)
    Hunter Bees: Jungle + Adaptive
    Aggressive Bees: Hunter + Red --Stings
    Morbid Bees: Aggressive + Nocturnal --Stings
    Solarium Branch
    Radioactive Bees: Miner Queen+Drone, Uranium Frame
    Plutonium Bees: Radioactive + Hardy
    Solarium Bees: Plutonium + Exceptional
    Flower Sub Branches
    (Flower Bees): (Forest + Jungle)
    Red Bees: Flower + Hardy
    Mythical Bees: Flower + Exceptional
    Godly Branch
    Moon Bees: Miner + Nocturnal
    Sun Bees: Moon + Solarium
    Godly Bees: Sun + Mythical
    Miner Branch
    Miner Bees: Arid + Adaptive
    Exclusive Frame Options:
    Copper Frame - Copper Combs
    Silver Frame - Silver Combs
    Gold Frame - Gold Combs
    Diamond Frame - Precious Combs (Diamond)
    Iron Frame - Iron Combs
    Titanium Frame - Titanium Combs

    Apiary Frames:

    -add these to an apiary for extra effects!-
    • Basic: Spawn honey a little bit faster.
    • Sweet: Spawn honey much faster.
    • Proven: Spawn items a little bit faster.
    • Durasteel: Spawn items much faster.
    • Scented: Drones spawn more often.
    • Uranium: Large Increase in Mutation Chances.
    • Plutonium: Larger Increase in Mutation Chances.
    • Rubium: Drone/Queen production increased.
    • Solar: All daylight bees produce during the night as well. ~fixed after 5/22/15 patch.
    • Eclipse: All nocturnal bees can now produce during the day. ~fixed after 5/22/15 patch.
    • Honey Jars: 11 Varieties. Grant a slow health regeneration that does not stop bandage use. Made by crafting empty jars at the mod's crafting station, and then using machines to fill them.
    • Honey Straws: A weaker alternative to honey jars. Do not require glass.
    • Honeysilk Bandage: A more powerful bandage. Requires hunter bees.
    • Anti-mite Frame: Made with the heads of bee-flowers (from flower bees). When placed in an apiary, mites will quickly die out.
    • Varroa Mite: A rare mite infestation that can halt apiary production.
    • Bug Net(Now a default item): Needed to catch bees. All other attacks kill them.
    • Liquid Honey: Exceptional Bees/Apiary.
    • Ghostly Wax: Morbid Bees -> Centrifuge
    • Hematite: Moon Combs -> Centrifuge
    • Basalt: Volcanic Combs -> Centrifuge
    • Bone Dust: Morbid Combs -> Centrifuge or crafted with bones.
    • Cementing Paste: Used to make certain blocks. In the bee crafting table under the as the bug net.
    • Apiary Crafting Station: Main bee crafting table.
    • Apiary: It's a bee house. Queen + Drones + (optional) Frames = Progress. (All apiaries require nearby flowers.)
    • Scented Apiary: An apiary that won't spawn more queens. (All apiaries require nearby flowers.)
    • Giant Apiary: A faster, larger apiary. (All apiaries require nearby flowers.)
    • Wooden/Iron Centrifuges: Spins items out of combs.
    • Industrial Centrifuge: Spins items out of combs. Can be attached to a honey jarring machine, to prevent honey loss.
    • Honey Jarring Machine: When attached to an industrial centrifuges, and filled with empty honey jars, this machine will fill the jars with honey!
    • Honey Extractor: A poor man's honey jarring machine. Get no items from combs, just honey.
    • Bee Flower: Grown from seeds from Flower Bees. Can be used to stop infestations of mites.
    • Bee Refuge: Purchased at the infinity express, this store will buy extra bees from you.
    • New Blocks: Honeycomb, Red Honeycomb, Wax Blocks x 4 colors, Wax Platforms x4 colors, Golden Plantmatter Blocks, Golden Wood/Wood Planks, Golden Sand/Stone/Glass.
    • New Liquid: Honey
    • Flowers Updated: Red/Yellow/Blue/Spring flowers now drop seeds.
    • Furniture: Over twenty bee themed objects.
    Specific Object Info:

    • Queen Set: End game armor. Requires godly bees. (Prevents Stings)
    • Beekeeper Set: Prevents stings.
    • Save the Queen: End game sword.
    • Queen's Wrath: End game shield.
    • Bee Wings: Back item. Speeds movement, slows falling.
    • Wax Swords: Red/Yellow. Weak and silly.
    (Shield changed 5/22/15. Armor color improved from the above image)

    ---Please delete old versions when updating to the new. Do not over write.---

    Special thanks to:
    • Sacre for some very amazing pixel art! My originals did NOT compare! (Apiaries, Honey, Alveary, Bee Suit, Ind. Centrifuge, i cant even keep track.)
    • Omekk for the honeycomb locker!
    • Zeidrich for the new bees!
    • Eurosat7 for optimizing my LUA script!
    • Peelz for the net/Honey Extractor!
    • Hallgard of Reddit, for upgrading many graphics and Icons!

    A note on using this mod's assets for your own mod:

    For the most part, if you are trying to establish a connection between mods, you may reference Bees! assets, or use them (within reason) if doing so is necessary. If Bees! is broken, and it causes a problem, you have 100% permission to post a patch in the discussion.

    If you would like to expand upon Bees!, feel free to make a mod with a modified apiary source code, new bees, etc. Please do not copy my entire mod into yours. If you need help with the source code, it may take me a few days to respond, so have patience, or try me on reddit @ cactuarcrunch. Skype is also listed in my profile.

    If I fall behind, and bees has some errors causing problems, anyone is welcome to post a mod patch in the Bees! discussion at any time. Feel free to link to a drop box file, etc.

    Any further inquiries: Just ask. Honestly, I would rather have this mod be used than have it collect dust while I sit around on a high chair taking credit for a work that I received community help with. Pretty much all of the art work was donated by the Starbound Community.

    Examples that don't require any permission:

    • Mods to connect bees to other mods. "Bees! Industrialization patch."
    • Mods that add new bee types, objects, recipes to bees.
    • Error patches.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. normalapiary.png
    2. flowerspring.png
    3. refuge.png
    4. queenupdate.png

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    Version: v:Unstable/Pre 1.0
    Excelent mod! But I must ask how exactly do you breed bees?
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    Nice mod
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    cool !!!
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    Version: 12-15-2015
    Great mod but there is a problem with this version exceptional bees create perfectly generic item
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    Version: 12-15-2015
    dude i love your mod i used it before the huge game changer and i would love to see this updated to glad giraffe so i can use it
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    Sir Wilfrey
    Version: 12-15-2015
    I love bees. I love Forestry, and all it's add-ons, you are awesome, your mod is awesome, bees forever. Screw wasps, and all their children. Any questions?
  10. Enderspy
    Version: Final V1
    This mod looks pretty good, but uh, noob question : How do you get bees? Is it like a random chance of getting a bee when catching a bug?
    1. Cactuar
      Author's Response
      They actually spawn in certain biomes as bugs of their own.

      Discovered Bees:
      Jungle: Jungle Biomes.
      Normal: Garden Biomes. (Lush)
      Forest: Forest Biomes.
      Arid: Desert Biomes.
      Volcanic: Volcanic Biomes.
      Arctic: Snowy/Tundra Biomes.
      Flower: Grasslands Biomes.