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Beatrice's music from the SNES era Version 1.5

Music by Kikuta, Mitsuda, Uematsu, Kondo and others

  1. Version 1.5: New music

    Another update, mostly with songs from Chrono Cross, which I didn't update for some time. I also added some songs as solos which were only combos before and vice-versa.


    Chrono Cross

    - Another Guldove
    - Another Marbule
    - Another Termina
    - Dragon Rider

    Chrono Trigger
    - Secret of the Forest

    Radical Dreamers
    - Frozen Flame

    Secret of Mana
    - Summer Sky
    - The Legend

    - Dragon Roost Island



    CC - Another Guldove
    CC - Radical Dreamers

    FFVI – Locke

    CC - Guldove
    CT – Guardia Castle (BEWARE!)
    SoM - Into the Thick of it
    Zelda - Dragon Roost Island

    CC - Another Marbule
    CC - Another Termina
    CC - Dragon Rider
    CC - Marbule
    CT - Leene Square (this is another "Millennial Fair"; however, this is a quintet and better)
    CT - World Revolution
    FFVI - Relm
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