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Beatrice's music from the SNES era Version 1.5

Music by Kikuta, Mitsuda, Uematsu, Kondo and others

  1. Beatrice

    some may know my "Night in the Opera"-thread and YouTube channel with music which relies heavily on the works of Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross), Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana/Seiken Densetsu 3) and Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy). So, after nearly a year of perfomances, I thought I should share my own collection with others.

    Please note that I made a sub-folder for bands/multiplayer. If you are a single player, you can delete the sub folder. As someone playing multiplayer who wants to play in a band, I divided my files in the categories duet, trio, quartet, quintet and sextet. Take what you want/need.

    The files have a very different and long history. Some of them were from the Internet; others were converted by myself. And some were downloaded from other sources, but I edited them for Starbound. Sometimes, my own versions are better than those you may find around in the wild worlds of the web, so you may give some of my versions a try, even if you have a song with the same name in your inventory.

    This list was done for the last stable. When playing unstable, I encountered some issues with the song list and their naming in-game, but I'm not sure why this happens.

    If you are a fan of Chrono Trigger and/or Secret of Mana, but you miss a special song, you are free to post something in my thread and my try to do my best to implement it in the future. :)

    Here a list:

    CC = Chrono Cross
    CT = Chrono Trigger
    FFVI = Final Fantasy VI
    RD = Radical Dreamers
    SD3 = Seiken Densetsu 3 (Secret of Mana 2)
    SoM = Secret of Mana



    Chrono Cross
    - Another World
    - Mabule
    - Overworld
    - Radical Dreamers
    - Scars of Time
    - Voyage

    Chrono Trigger
    - Ayla*
    - Battle
    - Bike Chase*
    - Brink of Time
    - Chrono Trigger theme
    - Corridors of Time
    - Epoch*
    - Festival of the Stars*
    - Frog*
    - Guardia Castle*
    - Lucca*
    - Magus*
    - Memories of Green*
    - Millenium Fair*
    - Ocean Palace*
    - Peaceful days*
    - Robo*
    - Schala
    - Spekkio*
    - World Revolution

    Final Fantasy VI
    - Blackjack*
    - Chocobo*
    - Cyan*
    - Locke
    - Relm*
    - Searching for Friends*
    - Shadow*
    - Terra

    Mega Man 2
    - Theme/Intro*

    Monkey Island
    - LeChuck*
    - Monkey Island Theme*

    Radical Dreamers
    - Star stealing girl*

    Seiken Densetsu 3 (Secret of Mana 2)
    - Decision bell*
    - Don't hunt the Fairy*
    - Highwire tension
    - Meridian Child*
    - Powell*
    - Swivel*
    - (Little) Sweet Cafe

    Secret of Mana
    - Angel's fear*
    - A wish*
    - Curious Tale*
    - Dark Star*
    - Distant Thunder
    - Dwarfs*
    - Ending/Flightless Wings*
    - Flammie
    - Into the thick of it
    - Lighthouse/Always together*
    - Little Sprite*
    - Mana Fortress*
    - Meridian dance
    - Orphan of the Storm*
    - Prophecy
    - Pureland
    - Sad story
    - What the forest told me

    - Corneria*

    Super Mario
    - Super Mario Bros.*
    - Super Mario World Overworld*
    - Super Mario World Ending*

    Zelda, A Link to the Past
    - Darkworld
    - Lightworld



    - CT Frog**
    - CT Peaceful days*
    - CT To far away times**
    - SoM Credits*

    - CT Memmories of Green*
    - CT Millenium Fair
    - CT Robo rickrolled*
    - CT AND CC Theme
    - Mega Man 2 theme
    - Monkey Island*
    - RD Summer Days*
    - SD3 Decision bell*
    - SD3 Little Sweet Cafe*
    - SoM Colour of the Summer Sky*
    - StarFox Corneria*

    - CT Ayla*
    - CT Bike Chase*
    - CT Brink of Time*
    - CT Epoch*
    - RD Star stealing girl*
    - SD3 Swivel*
    - SoM Angel's Fear*

    - CT Lucca*
    - CT Magus*
    - CT Ocean Palace*
    - CT Secret of the Forest*
    - CT Spekkio*
    - FFVI Blackjack*
    - FFVI Chocobo*
    - FFVI Searching for Friends*
    - FFVI Shadow*
    - RD Frozen Flame*
    - SD3 Meridian Child*
    - SD3 Ordinary People*
    - SD3 Powell*
    - SD3 Sacrifice*
    - SoM Little Sprite*
    - SoM Mana Fortress*
    - SoM Meridican Dance*
    - SoM Orphan of the Storm*
    - SoM The Legend*
    - Super Mario Bros*
    - Super Mario World*
    - Super Mario World Ending*

    - CT To far away times**
    - SoM Credits*

    Files without reference are from other sources, like .abc-notation and Starbards (*sigh*).
    *Done by me with Starbound composer.
    **Existing file from another source edited by me with Starbound composer.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.
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Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.5: New music
  2. Version 1.4: New music
  3. Version 1.3: New music

Recent Reviews

  1. lunatic4
    Version: Version 1.4
    Excellent selection of songs, bnrings back the fondest of memories. Thank you Beatrice!
    1. Beatrice
      Author's Response
      Thank you for using ist :)
  2. Slurpington
    Version: Version 1.3
    super metroid?
    1. Beatrice
      Author's Response
      Not sure yet. Thought about it already. At the moment, I try to concentrate on few composers/games and make them right. However, I won't exclude the option for the future.
  3. dark_fire_angel
    Version: Version 1.2
    i liked when you had play it to us so now we could make band :D (btw im frodena ^^) those music are awesome
  4. jajoe98
    Version: Version 1.2
    the download link is just sending me to a page of code can you fix this?
    1. Beatrice
      Author's Response
      Everything is working fine for me. Did you try to download it again?
  5. lunatic4
    Version: Version 1.2
  6. Alex WaveDiver
    Alex WaveDiver
    Version: Version 1.2
    A great selection of songs which marked my childhood. Oh, the nostalgia!
    1. Beatrice
      Author's Response
      Oh yes... the Nostalgia *sigh*... if you have any special wishes regarding this era, I may arrange something, if you want.
  7. Ayamabuki
    Version: Version 1.1
    Just the songs I've been wanting! Thanks !
  8. Toyi85
    Version: 2014-12-31
  9. Apple Juice
    Apple Juice
    Version: 2014-12-31
    Don't know what BeatSynthetics is talking about, worked like a charm for me.
    1. Beatrice
      Author's Response
      I'm relieved to hear that! :D
  10. BeatSynthetics
    Version: 2014-12-31
    A 2star, mainly cause the externam link causes a trickster of a virus that opens a new tab of the same download...Infact i had about 400+ coppies of just this one song pack, think you need some more security beatrice...but other than that I'm looking forward to the songs, Nostalgia ho!
    1. Beatrice
      Author's Response
      The external link goes directly to my own site... what exactly shows up?