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Outdated Batman Mod Angry Koala

Adds new batman-related armors, weapons, techs and decorations.

  1. foodooble
    This mod adds several items and techs into the game. Currently everything is crafted at a robotic crafting table. Most items are crafted out of durasteel bars and Kevlar (which is made from durasteel and fabric). The techs are learned by crafting the matching object from the robotic crafting table.
    • Batman 2014-01-07_00009.jpg
    • Batman Beyond 2014-01-07_00011.jpg
    • Nightwing 2014-01-07_00012.jpg
    • Damian Wayne Robin 2014-01-07_00010.jpg
    • Escrima Stick
    • Damian's Shortsword
    • Batarangs
    • Wingdings
    • Robin's shuriken
    • Damian's staff
    • Damian's shield
    • Batmobile 2014-01-07_00007.jpg
    • Batwing 2013-12-22_00001.jpg
    The zipline is a grappling hook that works in reverse, designed for use with a regular grappling hook. It can be used to traverse across gaps.

    Simply copy the Batman folder (not the .zip) into your mods folder.

    The mod currently has quite a few features. I intend to add more suits, other characters, more weapons, and several additional techs. These include:
    • Batgirl
    • 1970's Batman
    • 1970's Robin
    • Batboat
    • vehicles for other characters
    • Joker
    • The Riddler
    • More Batsuits
    • Deathstroke
    • and others
    The graphics are pretty bad at the moment, but I intend to work on them.
    Feel free to leave comments or ratings!