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Banni's Leather Works 1.4 Rebalanced

Gears made from leather

  1. 1.4 Rebalanced

    Update 1.4 Rebalanced!
    Hi all if you have downloaded or past by recently and checked the image previews. You must know that those were not the actual stats (except cloaks) of the items that they were when I updated it to the current version of the game. When I played the game I noticed new stats on items from someones race mod. I decided to do some research and due to results I now bring you this update which balances all the...
  2. BLW Returns! Now works!

    Hi all I've returned!

    Please let me know if you find any bugs as I've only had to update one file to make it all work again ( at least for me if not you )

    Check the main page for information and content!

    Nothing new in this patch I just wanted to make it available for everyone again.

    Hello everyone welcome to my page!
    Game Version: Pleased Giraffe

    Firstly I would like to thank:...
  3. 1.3.6 New Hunting Rifle!

    1.3.6 New Hunting Rifle!
    ~ Just a simple update with an upgrade to the current rifle. I have been busy with other things so have not had much time to work on my mod here. I may lose my internet next week for a week or more. I plan to make hunting spears and everything else I had planed. I can work on those offline in my spare time and hopefully will have a bigger update when I am back!

    [COLOR=rgb(255, 0,...[/U]
  4. 1.3.5 Fixes/Changes to version 1.3 and the mod in general

    Whats changed

    ~ Drop ratios for all hunting treasure pool materials improved and balanced

    "hunting" : [
    [1, {
    "pool" : [
    {"weight" : 0.3, "item" : [ "alienmeat" ]},
    {"weight" : 0.4, "item" : [ "leather" ]},
    {"weight" : 0.3, "item" : [ "bone" ]}
    } ],
    [2, {
    "pool" : [
    {"weight" : 0.4, "item" : [ "alienmeat" ]},
    {"weight" : 0.4, "item" : [...
  5. 1.3 New Content Release!

    1.3 New content release is now here!

    Heres the video!

    New features:
    ~ Bone drop added to hunting treasure pool
    ~ Tier 3-5 Cloaks (They have a slight boost to stats)
    ~ Tier 5 set (Custom Dragon Slayer Armor)
    ~ Tier 5 Hunting Rifle (Monsters slain drop hunting treasure pool...
  6. Version 1.2 release 5th Feb


    New features:
    ~ Tier 3 and 4 sets introduced
    ~ Leather Tanning Rack introduced(Craft all this mods items at it )(Craft this at the work table)

    Bug fixes
    ~ Fixed an issue where you couldn't progress in the quest line as the Tier 2-4 sets didn't register as Steel, Titanium and Durasteel.

  7. Version 1.1 release

    Hello everyone! New update release, my first update to the mod! Heres a short video of whats added.

    Subscribe to see new features before they are released!

    New features:
    -Tier 2 and 3 hunting knifes, also crafted at the spinning wheel
    -Improved leather drop

    Just to be safe!
    Delete the...