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Banni's Leather Works 1.4 Rebalanced

Gears made from leather

  1. BLW Returns! Now works!

    Hi all I've returned!

    Please let me know if you find any bugs as I've only had to update one file to make it all work again ( at least for me if not you )

    Check the main page for information and content!

    Nothing new in this patch I just wanted to make it available for everyone again.

    Hello everyone welcome to my page!
    Game Version: Pleased Giraffe

    Firstly I would like to thank:

    He helped me get started with his one on one advice and support, plus his guides.

    1.3.6 New Hunting Rifle!
    This is still the same version I left you guys with except now you can play it again.

    Just to be safe!

    ~ Delete current folder and replace with this one!


    Please vote and review my mod!
    Got any suggestions, let me know and if I add it I will credit you for the idea.
    Future Plans

    ~Maybe more sets starting from tier 6 and up!
    ~More cloaks if more sets
    ~Maybe more hunting rifles
    ~Hunting spears

    Suggested/Thoughts ideas, but I may not be able to do

    ~Unique weapon with unique effect! suggested by xxswatelitexx
    ~Revamp all items by re drawing them more defined


    Current Features
    ~Improved leather drop rate
    ~Bone drop added to hunting treasure pool
    ~Tier 2-5 Armor sets (Works with the quest line!)
    ~Tier 2-3 Hunting knives
    ~Tier 5 Hunting Rifle (Monsters slain drop hunting treasure pool)
    ~Tier 3-5 Cloaks (These cloaks have a slight boost to stats)
    ~Unique Leather Tanning Rack for crafting

    Image previews of all content currently

    Hunting knives


    Hunting Rifles



    Armor sets



    Male and female look different.



    Crafting stations

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