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Outdated Back Items Mod 2.2(Upbeat Giraffe)

Lights, heaters, batteries, solar panels,health station and unique super items!!!!

  1. Update to Upbeat Giraffe

    -Added Back Pack Station
    -Update to Upbeat Giraffe
  2. Updated to Upbeat Giraffe

    -Added Back Pack Station!
    -Updated to Upbeat Giraffe!!!
  3. Shell Pack 2

    -Added 10 thorn shell.
    -Added Solar Shell and Health Shell
  4. Shell Pack

    -added 10 shell
    Iron,Steel,Titanium,Durasteel,Aegisalt,Ferozium,Cerulium,Violium,Rubium and Impervium.
    1s.png 2s.png 3s.png 4s.png 5s.png 6s.png 7s.png 8s.png 9s.png 10s.png
  5. Compatibility with Enraged Koala

    -Compatibility with Enraged Koala
  6. not update

    -not update
  7. –°hange version

    -It's the same old version, so I had to do to add a slimmed down version - it does not update!!!
  8. Light Version

    -added a lighter version, in which all subjects recipes considerably less. (not recommended. loses interest in the game)
  9. New Items

    -added 6 new items
  10. Mod Info

    -Modified version of the file mod info