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Ave's Take All Hotkey 1.3.2

You could have it all... My stockpile of dirt.

  1. Oops oops oops oops oops

    The Avelon
    Hotfix - I broke Improved Containers with the 1.3 update and now you can use IC again.

    Also added support for Enhanced Storage's liquid storage units.
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  2. Minor oversight

    The Avelon
    Forgot to make the quest-giving script check to see if it's already been run once so every time you beamed down somewhere or loaded in to the game it would replace your body tech with the default placeholder tech added by this mod.
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  3. Major Update

    The Avelon
    Fixed the two issues this mod had:
    - If you accidentally hit the take all hotkey while not looking at a container you won't loot the next container you try to open automatically.
    - if you and another player in MP are overlapping you will not sometimes cause them to loot the next container they open instead of you.

    Added support for Arcana, Project Redemption, Betabound, and Kitsune Race Mod.

    It runs a little faster too, especially if you are connected to a server in MP. This is because it...
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  4. New Character Availability

    The Avelon
    Adds a starter tech to new characters so that Take All can be used on the first planet. It is a Sprint type tech with no cool effects and a small (20%) boost to run speed. It is 1/3 as fast as Sprint and consumes 1/3 energy.

    Existing characters do not have access to this tech but if you really want it, /enabletech ave_defaultrun. At present I don't plan to make it available to existing players and would in fact like to disable it once it is replaced, but I am not sure that's possible.
  5. Inclusion of Mod Compatibility

    The Avelon
    Adds compatibility for the following mods:
    Improved Containers, Blink Through, all Zerotap mods, all Zerotap-supported mods except RPG Growth.