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Ave's Impact Augment 1.2

Adds a new EPP augment with Safe Fall.

  1. Mod Integration Update

    The Avelon
    I've added the Impact Aug to the crafting stations of Sandbound, Augment Crafter 3.0, and Galactic Shops by Tremerion. The recipes for each mod follow the standard set by the vanilla Gravity augment, so it will be about what you'd expect no matter which one you are running.

    Importantly, I added support for Augment Extractor. I didn't realize until I extracted mine that the AEX uses a list of known augments to work, so I went ahead and fixed that. If you have already discovered this in version 1.0, you can fix it by equipping your Impact Barrier (Extracted Augment with 'Impact' as description) to an EPP and extracting it again; this update will repair it automatically because the AEX coder was clever.
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