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Avali (Triage) 1.9

Return of the most adorable predators this side of the universe rift

  1. Nanolathe fixed

    Turns out the guy that updated the Nanolathe was using the Extended GUI configs in the nanolathe. He has been properly chirped at.
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  2. Hoverbikes and daggers and swords, oh my!

    Alabaster here with some exciting news! The Avali hoverbike controllers no longer break all other controllers. Not only that, but they actually work, themselves, now! Enjoy riding in the Avali hoverbikes once again!

    Additionally, say hello once more to some old faces, the shortswords and daggers!

    Once again, any issues belong on the Github, not in this forum. Accounts are free!
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  3. Starbound 1.0

    Hi all, Alabaster coming at you with another update after so long! Man, I missed this microphone.

    There's not too much to report on this time around, but the universe somehow changed and so we had to change with it. There is, however, a slightly hidden surprise, as we now have our very own elevators!

    The higher-ups want me to tell you that some things aren't completely finished, though, and will be worked on throughout the coming week or so, but overall the whole thing works!

    If you run...
  4. Lazy Fevix (Like a Lazy Susan but 100% less furniture)

    Alabaster here! Wow, it's been a while, hasn't it? Well, we don't have much.

    The guards should no longer die when you approach them with a weapon, so that's good!

    Only other thing here is an attempted fix for the size of the flags.

    I'm not much feeling like myself today. Sorry for the briefness of this update announcement.
  5. Just some fixes

    Alabaster, coming at you LIVE Fro-what's that, this isn't actually live? Oh well.

    Alabaster, coming at you NOT live from the studio here at the update center!
    Thank goodness we got through that fiasco from last week, jeeze. What a headache.

    Anyways, here's a much more smooth update for you!

    First on the list, we recovered a journal entry from one of the workers in charge of unloading the updates for you, and after some talk between the higher ups, have made it available to you as a...

    Now playing recording...
  7. Ships and obituaries

    Gooooood morning everyone! Alabaster here once more with a fresh update, right out of the presses!

    Before we get to the good stuff, we would like to extend our condolences to the family of @Dragon_Tom005 who, just last week, failed to heed the warnings and was, unfortunately, crushed beneath the update. We would like to take this time to point out the very clearly marked-out area designated “Update Landing Zone” and remind everyone to keep clear of this zone on Fridays....
  8. Happy Holidays!

    Alabaster, coming at you once more with yet another update from the wonderful folks here at the labs! Nothing much today, folks, just a handful of bugfixes and a spiffy new look for the hoverbike! I've also been told to credit one "Ancev Caine" for spotting the fact that a desk was mislabeled as "table". Unfortunately, even though we have renamed this item, non-Avali will still readily mistake the desk for a table.

    Also, once again, the higher-ups want me to remind you about two other...
  9. The Ban on Nudity

    Hello once again ladies, gentlemen, and everything both between and beyond! Tis I, Alabaster, your new update announcer! I have been rather thoroughly briefed in proper announcement etiquette, and so, hopefully, I won’t be fired so soon!

    First off, I’ve been told to give you all yet another reminder that the development team has a Github available for you to submit issues (And, if you’re able, bug fixes or new features, much like Github user Jeadbe sent in their fix for naked colonies!),...
  10. Glad Giraffe update

    Not much new content here, mostly just bringing the mod up-to-date with Starbound's Glad Giraffe.

    Don't forget, we have a Trello that's publicly available to allow you to give suggestions and watch (In a much clearer fashion than Github can give) the dev progress! https://trello.com/b/gXXkQ3Lw/avali-starbound