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Avali SpecOp Armor 2.2

Adds variations of the default Avali gear from the awesome to the silly!

  1. Spelunker Fix!!

    The Spelunker now works fully! Shines a inset light in the direction you're facing, and has an armor rating matching Durasteel tiered helmet armor inserts.
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  2. Added Combat Armor crafting recipe

    I derped, but its fixed now. sadly still no usablility on the Spelunker helmet

    edit: so i guess its working but i didnt see any light while on my ship. feel free to use it but im still working on it
  3. 1.0 update, switched to .zip

    Should be compatible with the 1.0 release now, with the exception of the Spelunker helmet. It has to have a mess up with its status effects fixed, and until then, its disabled. Also, im sorry but i have to upload in .zip format, the mod helper im using isnt saving the .modpak/.pak files anymore, and as such i cant package them. All are still located in the Lathe as before.

    edit! i forgot! i added the Avali SpecOp Armor! this version of the Combat Armor covers your skirt and tail completely!
  4. Derped, fixed Spelunker helmet recipe to not require a generic item, added helms

    Typoed on the recipe. Fixed to have inset lighting instead. Also added pilot helmets, but wont post pics till later, its late <.> light and normal versions cause my fav mech mod was updated.
  5. New helmets!

    Added the following:

    Jolly Bones

    Check the listing for pics, will be at the bottom.
  6. Small optional fix, thats all.

    Just made the Sharkron helmet's paintjob a bit more.. painted on, and less Paint.exe'd on. (used shades of white on the teeth and eyes instead of plain white across the board. Also did a hotfix of the image on the OP showing the change)
  7. Armor Sleeves!!

    Added 4 armor sleeves for those who wanna feel truly protected in their combat armor!

    Types include:

    "Assault based combat sleeve plates, for when you don't wanna lose a single feather."

    Light Assault=================\
    "Assault based combat sleeve plates, for when you don't wanna lose a single feather. No shoulder armor variant."...
  8. Avali needs to think about what words really mean -w-;

    Mate pointed out i used the wrong word on the wings.. Fixing this now.
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  9. Avali needs to English more than he squeaks >.>

    Simple name change to the Ascetic helmet to Aesthetic. Thank you Scival for the correction.
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  10. Modpaks!

    Got the tool to fix up my mods into easier-to-install modpaks. delete the old extracted folder and place the new file in your mods folder. if this doesn't work or you encounter issues, please notify me and ill work to fix this.