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Avali Rocket Launcher + Misc Stuff 1.16

Adds a themed rocket launcher for the Avali race, as well as a few miscellaneous extra items.

  1. New Headgear + More Rebalancing

    - Added a new cosmetic head armor piece called the Datafeed Headset, based off of the tier 1 human head armor Scouter's Visor, crafted at the Avali Nanoloom.

    - In an effort to nerf the Rocket Launcher's extremely OP alt fire ability, Shrapnel Missile only spawns 10 shrapnel shards (down from 15), and the shrapnel no longer bounces.

    *Aerogel shouldn't bounce anyways, especially considering the idea behind the aerogel shrapnel was not that they were SHARP, but that they were HOT. :]
    **If I still feel that the ability is too OP later on, I will be removing their piercing next.
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