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Avali Rocket Launcher + Misc Stuff 1.16

Adds a themed rocket launcher for the Avali race, as well as a few miscellaneous extra items.

  1. Ulithium_Dragon
    Avali - Rocket Launcher + Misc Stuff

    Updated - works with Starbound v1.0+ now!

    [VERY IMPORTANT - READ ME NOW]: This mod *requires* the up-to-date version Avali Race mod, found here (THE GAME WILL CRASH INSTANTLY IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THIS MOD!!!), or the Steam Workshop version.

    [NOTE]: If you are having issues with downloading this mod for any reason, I have posted a mirror here.
    Also on the Steam Workshop here.


    - Attempted fix for the projectile name duplicate type error.


    - Fixed the crafting recipes causing errors (base Avali mod changed their item name for "graphene" to "avaligraphene" for whatever reason).


    - Fixed the Datafeed Headset's recipe.
    - The Datafeed Headset has been moved to the Avali Nanolathe, and has had it's recipe altered (see description).


    - Fixed the rocket launcher's main attack damage. It's now properly doing the correct amount of electrical damage, as well as 17-ish physical damage for some reason I cannot find out.
    - Failed to figure out why the Datafeed Headset doesn't show up in the Nanoloom - code looks perfectly fine to me. Just use the /admin command to make the recipe show up for now (make sure to do /admin again when you're done crafting it).


    - Added a new cosmetic head armor piece called the Datafeed Headset, based off of the tier 1 human head armor Scouter's Visor (see below for details).

    NOTE: My GIF recorder was MASSIVELY lagging the game's framerate for some weird reason - the projectile is probably almost 2x as fast in-game!

    Adds an Avali-themed Rocket Launcher to the game (as well as a few miscellaneous extras):
    -Custom Sprites
    -Custom Projectiles
    -Only one tier for the moment (end-game level)
    -Custom special effect (Shrapnel Missile - explodes into a shower of white-hot aerogel shards).


    *Based off of a piece of concept art made by leinglo:

    Avali Launcher Concept.PNG

    ...And projectile(s) created by both YellowDemonHurlr and leinglo:


    BIG thanks to them for the help! :]

    Additional In-Game Previews:

    avali rocket launcher ingame preview 01.jpg avali rocket launcher ingame preview 02.jpg

    inv prev rocket.jpg

    Also includes an Avali spear based off of the "unplayable" weapon rack spear:

    20160427015250_1.jpg 20160427014945_1.jpg 20160427015003_1.jpg
    inv prev spear.jpg

    Uses the "Barrier" Special Ability.

    ...And an "Avali Climbing Axe", based off of the Ice Axe:

    20160427014809_1.jpg 20160427014850_1.jpg 20160427014911_1.jpg

    This is essentially a grappling hook with no line functionally - I just thought it was fun to play around with the Ice Axe, and wanted to make an Avali-themed version! n.nU

    [NEW 08/03/16]:
    - Added a new cosmetic head armor piece called the Datafeed Headset, based off of the tier 1 human head armor Scouter's Visor, crafted at the Avali Nanoloom.

    DataFeedHeadset_Preview 01.png

    20160803213513_1.jpg 20160803213519_1.jpg


    20160818212229_1.jpg 20160803214658_1.jpg


    Extract and place the folder into your "Starbound/giraffe_storage/mods" directory.

    Avali Lore:
    In the strictest sense, this is not technically canon. The Avali never used Rocket Launchers.
    However, unlike with my Tech Bow, I'm not going to attempt a weak rationalization. Suffice it to say that I think it's perfectly reasonable to assume the Avali could see the merit and utility in a modern weapon like a Rocket Launcher and create their own adaptations based on other races' versions...

    If this doesn't suit you, then no one is forcing you to download it.
    I made this because I like using Rocket Launchers in Starbound, and also because it was the only weapon type lacking an Avali version.

    How to Get:
    You can craft the Rocket Launcher and Spear at the Avali Weapon Workbench, the Climbing Axe and the Datafeed Headset at the Avali Nanolathe:

    [Weapon Workbench]:

    RL6 Firedart:
    30 Refined Aegisalt
    -10 Solarium Stars
    -25 Titanium Panels
    -10 Graphene
    -10 Aerogel

    VL10-FR Icicle:
    -20 Refined Violium
    -10 Solarium Stars
    -15 Titanium Panels
    -10 Graphene
    -10 Aerogel



    Avali Climbing Axe:
    -20 Durasteel Bars
    -20 Graphene
    -10 Aerogel

    Datafeed Headset:
    -1 Iron Bar
    -2 Aerogel
    -6 Graphene

    *These recipes are subject to possible changes in the future!


    Q: Will you be adding more types of Rocket Launchers or Projectiles?
    A: I will possibly add some different projectile effect versions at some point, but I have no plans to make more Rocket Launcher sprites.
    Also, leinglo made an entire suite of sprites for the various elemental rocket projectiles (can view here).

    Q: If you add more tiers, will you also add subtle visual changes between the tiers for the Rocket Launcher, like the default Avali weapons?

    A: Nah. Only the melee weapons for the Avali do this - all the guns do not..

    Q: The Rocket Launcher and/or Spear are a bit unbalanced, will you fix this?

    A: I legitimately tried to balance them this time, and don't have any major plans to alter anything at the moment (unless something game-breaking comes up).

    Q: The Rocket Launcher's base DPS is higher than all other level 6 rocket launchers, why isn't it the same?
    A: I had two main reasons why I made it slightly higher - the projectiles have no knockback, and their hitboxes are so small (and their speed/acceleration so high) that they are a lot harder to aim than the base game's rockets. I felt this balanced out well, and have no plans to alter the base DPS further (at least until Chucklefish inevitably does yet another weaponry overhaul of course...).

    Q: Can I use this mod in my modpack?

    A: Please ask me first. I spent a long time on this, so I'd appreciate it if you'd do me the kindness of asking my permission. I'm like, 99.999998% sure to say yes! :]

    Q: Did you just copy the description you made from your Tech Bow mod?
    A: Yes... I wanted to release this before I got too involved in other things and it went into my "forever bin" (meaning it became yet another of the zillion art projects and mods I did not release due to lost interest or my own "perfectionism"...).


    Known Bugs/Issues:
    - The Rocket Launcher's projectiles have no knockback effect. I honestly gave up on trying to figure out why after MANY attempts.

    *Unless someone can tell me definitively what is wrong and how to fix it, I'm not going to worry about it - this Rocket Launcher fires a lot faster than the vanilla ones do anyways, so it all balances out in my opinion.


    Future Plans:
    Not much beyond bug fixes and version updates (and whatever I feel like making at any given time).


    Please don't use these assets without my permission. I'm almost certainly going to give you permission to use it in your mods/modpacks (so long as you credit me as the creator), I'd just like you to ask me first!

    *I have my notification settings set up so that I get email notifications for PM's, so even if I'm not directly active on the forums, I'd still see it and read it.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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Recent Reviews

  1. The L0st 1
    The L0st 1
    Version: 1.16
    Nice mod and looks weel with the race.
  2. TheGuyThatAteTheHat
    Version: 1.0
    I like the mod, but something isn't working. I attempt to use the Nanolathe, but it quits out of the character, saying the 'avaliclimbingaxe' doesn't exist. Not only do I not know what that is, but it prevents me from accessing basically the whole mod. I hope this gets fixed or I get an explanation.
    1. Ulithium_Dragon
      Author's Response
      This mod was made for... whatever the hell the version name was right before 1.0 - "Upbeat Giraffe" or something really *stoopid* like that?

      Anyways, I have no interest in Starbound at the moment, and if every single update is gonna break all the mods, well... Just look at the ratio of outdated mods to total mods - 2,200 outdated and 2,900 total, which is more than 2/3 ffs...

      Point being, if the update broke this mod, I doubt I will be spending the time to figure out what the hell they did to break my mods anytime soon.

      I left an open-ended permission for this mod to be merged into Avali (Triage) like they did with my Avali Tech Bow mod, but it's up to the maintainers to decide if they want to include it or not.
  3. The L0st 1
    The L0st 1
    Version: 1.0
    I’ve got one question, and one question only: EXPLOSIONS?

    It is well made and it looks cool in the hands of my character. It has the look of a weapon that the Avali would have made. I also like how a spear also was include in the mod. Thanks for your time making and sharing your creation.
    1. Ulithium_Dragon
      Author's Response
      The explosion effect was actually made by RyuujinZERO for the original Avali Race - it was just never used for anything. There are actually quite a few "unused" assets he made but never implemented lol.

      As for why the spear? Well first of all, the original title of this mod was gonna be "Avali Misc Stuff". Buuut I made the Avali Climbing Axe first, then the spear, mainly because I was not a fan of the bulky T9 "endgame" spear sprite that is used at the moment, nor did I like Special Attack that it had.

      The Rocket Launcher was the third thing I made; it took me by far the longest, and sparked a lot of conversation and support from some others in the Avali Race's thread. By the time I finished the Rocket Launcher and was looking to release the mod, leinglo mentioned that I might as well name the mod after the rocket launcher, for which I had to agree! n.nU
  4. Sgt.fox170
    Version: 1.0
    i like the rocket launcher but its a bit over powered can u debuff it just a little
    1. Ulithium_Dragon
      Author's Response
      There are like, no less then 5+ different variables that contribute to the damage output for this damn things - you will need to be more specific with in what way you think it's "overpowered": is it the main attack? The special attack? The special attack's shrepenal? The power consumption? The fire speed? etc.

      Also do keep in mind that all my tests were done at end-game level, so ofc it will be overpowered for any planets outside of "Burning Star" systems...