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Outdated Avali Race Mod 0.12.4

The only fluffy nomadic space raptors!

  1. 0.6 - Now with NaN% more yurt

    • Build your own traditional avali tents!
      • New specialised crafting station (Obtainable from the 3D printer)
      • Complex, self contained recipes for the tent components
    • Placeholder respawn animation (No longer uses apex respawn) nope.jpg
    • Fixed avali spawner
    To clear up something, this is not the settlement update, you won't find any "wild" avali running about, that will be my next project. But you can now craft tent components from a special...
  2. 0.52 - Less hot fix

    • Fixed post-patch glitch that was causing all recipes to only need 1 of each material
    • Fixed error log spam due to missing sprite sheet
  3. 0.52 - HOT fix

    • Now with naked females (accidentally didn't include female sprite sheet)
  4. 0.52 - Now with extra housekeeping

    • Updated to Furious Koala
    • Finally fixed shield recipes, they now show up on the anvil/metalworking station (Big thanks to TheIronDragon!)
    • Fixed missing abdominal armour on tier 2
    • Fixed missing crouch sprite on racial set 1
    • REMOVED Tabula Rasa support for armour and weapons (support was only there for easy testing)
    • Fixed a few more sparklies

    If you have any crashes, please attach your starbound.log file to the discussion thread. There may be a...
  5. 0.51 - 0.01% more stuff

    Remember to delete the mod folder before installing the latest update!
    • Adjusted ear positioning to make 2nd pair of ears more visible
      • Tweaked hairstyles and headgear to match new head sprite.
    • Minor polish to arm sprites
    • Revised shield visuals to match weapon theme.
    • Added tier 3 racial armour
    • Fixed buggy palette option
    • Tweaked tier 2 helmet design
    • Unable to fix shield recipes. For now they can be accessed via the tabula rasa
  6. 0.5 - Now with over 9000% more sssssssssssssssssstab

    • Added racial swords, daggers, broadswords, hammers, spears up to tier 4
    • Added custom "swoosh" effect to racial weapons
    Note that you may need to recreate the starmaps to unlock the new recipes for tiers you have previously unlocked!

    Next update: Tier 3 and 4 armour, general polishing.
  7. 0.4 - Now with 66% less nudity, but 50% more hair!

    Please delete your original mod folder before installing this update, you won't lose anything it's just to keep the file structure straight.

    • Added 2 new racial outfit (available at creation or via the spinning wheel)
    • Added village spawners (oops broken, next patch)
    • Overhauled palette options
      • Normalised colours with Starbound stock colours
      • Added several new 'natural' tones
      • Removed 'iridescent' colours from fluff option
    • 8 New plumage styles...
  8. 0.3 - Now with 50% more X chromosones

    + Female Avali added!
    + Homogenised and polished male sprites to have a consistent art style
    + Increased contrast on some palette options (Only applies to new characters)
    + [Experimental]: Eye colour now affected by trim colour
    + Fixed Candy pink fluff option for real this time...

    Next patch: Expect more clothing, and tier 3/4 armour.
  9. 0.21 - Minor stability tweak

    + Fixed an improperly formatted armour sheet that was causing an error message, to rule out a possible crash bug.
  10. 0.2 - New dropship!

    IMPORTANT: For existing characters you MUST go into player folder and delete your character's .shipworld file for the new patch to work properly. This will lose everything in your ship, so offload your loot before doing so!

    + New dropship!
    + Fixed pink feather option, again.
    + Updated tier 1 and 2 headset graphics
    + Fixed missing swim frames on tier 1 boots.

    With the dropship out the way (which was sucking up most of my development time the last...