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Outdated Avali Race Mod 0.12.4

The only fluffy nomadic space raptors!

  1. 0.8.0 - Now even more vain

    • Overhauled vanity system to allow for cloaks
    • Added several new vanity items
    • Introduced Nanolathe, now you can craft avali furniture and non-tent blocks.
    • Added new building materials
    • Various tweaks to character animation (including totally new jump animations)
    • Vanity items now have complex recipes.
    • Overhauled sniper rifle behaviour to be more dramatic
    • Overhauled how lathe, loom, bench and tables are structured to mitigate some...
  2. 0.75 - Now with less CHUCKLEFISH

    • Fixed major bug that was preventing any villagers or props spawning in avali settlements.
    Hopefully this'll be the last Chucklefish induced surprise bug thanks to enraged Koala. This particular error was caused not because my code was bad; but because a legacy parsing function they added was itself malfunctioning and breaking world generation.
  3. 0.74b - Now with even less fail

    The changes supposedly implemented in 0.74 should ACTUALLY be implemented now. I dunno what the heck was up with the last one. You can thank chucklefish for arbitrarily renaming stuff for no good reason at any rate
  4. 0.74 - Now with less fail

    • Fixed cushions/pillows
    • Fixed world generation so Avali settlements now spawn (again)
    Seems the devs LOVE making minor, unannounced changes - like renaming minor variables or changing filenames so as to screw with mod functionality. Hopefully that'll be the last of those fixes.
  5. 0.73 - Now with PANTS

    • Fixed a single letter typo that was causing crashes for some people
  6. 0.72 - Now with more RAGE

    • Tier 4 armour inserts are now obtainable (oops)
    • Ship lights can now be removed (requires you to delete old shipworld file)
    • Enraged Koala compatibility
    Not much of an update that time. Lot of stuff on the go, but nothing ready for prime time
  7. 0.71 Now with, well... any loot.

    Please delete the original mod before installing this update. That goes for any installation but doubly so this time!
    • Fixed significant bug that was preventing data chits spawning (oops!)
    • Migrated armour to new "armor insert" system
    Important! The new armour system will be slightly unfamiliar. Instead of crafting tiered armour sets, Avali characters now get "armour inserts", these are invisible armour pieces...
  8. 0.7 - Now rustling all the jimmies!

    • Avali settlement generation!
    • Avali racial guns and weapon blueprints, obtainable from settlement vendors.
    • Weapon workbenches allow you to upgrade Avali weapons with secondary bonuses
    • Added Avali-specific ingredients and food recipes
    • Non-Avali can now obtain and use Avali workstations
    • Buy instruments from Avali musical suppliers
    • Added dialogue to Avali villagers and guards
    • Added new guard spawner which only summons Avali guards
    • Over two dozen new...
  9. 0.62 - Now with 10- OH F*** IS THAT A WIKI!?!

    • Fixed missing shoulder sprite on trimmed armour chest
    • Fixed order in which weapons are listed in the crafting menu
    • Fixed several stray miscoloured pixels
    • Tweaked crouch sprite to sync with shoulders properly
    • Gave Avali storage cylinder a proper icon
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  10. 0.61 - Much muchness

    • Tweaked running animation arm sprites to be less lazy.
    • Attempted to make large entrances more responsive to platform collision
    • Fixed placeholder respawn animation
    I've also begun the groundwork for the avali NPC settlements, but currently waiting on some improvements to how Starstructor functions first. Unlikely to be any significant contents updates this week, due to EQN: Landmark alpha testing. Though I do have non-game plans going down behind the scenes that more...