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Outdated Avali Race Mod 0.12.4

The only fluffy nomadic space raptors!

  1. Now with more bling

    As always, delete the previous copy of the Avali mod before installing any updates.
    • Metric f**ktonne of new (Fully colourable) furniture props:
      • Storage crates
      • Kitchen stuff
      • Proper chairs.
      • Added Doors
      • Revamped existing tables, and added more
      • Storage options such as drawers and cabinets
      • Lab containers
      • And more...
    • Expanded colour options for existing props.
    • Couple of new tiles/materials.
    • Data storage and LED displays now render behind other tiles.
      • NOTE: This only applies to newly placed tiles, take down and replace the tiles if you want to update the effect.
    • Fixed bug where some props would lose their dye after being broken.
    • Changed recipes for all building props for consistency.
    • "Diplomatic" line of clothes can now be dyed.
    • Added new, larger storage crates
    A few props and tiles didn't make it into the patch as hoped, but I wanted to get the patch out so that people could play with it over the weekend, instead of waiting a couple days more.

    Next big project will be totally overhauling settlement generation, once that is done I can finally put a finish to all this building content, and get down to overhauling weapon creation and adding serious bad-assitude.
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