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Outdated Avali Race Mod 0.12.4

The only fluffy nomadic space raptors!

  1. 0.11.0 - Now with ALL THE COLOURS!

    REMEMBER: Delete the original mod before installing the update. You should always do this anyway, but you absolutely have to do it this update.
    ALSO: The mod features extensive dyemod support and features. I highly recommend you install dyemod! (It's multiplayer compatible!)
    • Made a metric f**k-tonne of props dyeable
    • Made a cubic s**tload of tiles dyeable
    • Added handful of headgear
    • Polished up/modified a number of tiles and props
    • Canvas doors are now 1 tile wide, not 2
    • Added a few new props
    • Graphene and Aerogel no long require pixels to craft
    • Set default colours for armour and headgear
    • Platforms and doors cannot be dyed yet, this is an engine limit, the sprites exist.
    • Flowy scarf didn't make it into this update, I want to rework the animation
    • Ribbons are going to take a fair bit of work, so they are not dyeable; for now

    The colours are made to be mixed. Green notably doesn't sync with itself. The tapestry/tent pieces are designed to go with white/teal scheme, while the solid blocks are designed to look more military and fit with an orange or red highlight scheme, similar white/black produces a chequered pattern that can provide borders with most colour schemes.

    Expect more colour options, and more props to come in the next update or two. Building components are now into the final stretch, and probably 70-80% complete. After which i will be completely overhauling settlement generation to be 187% more awesome
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