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Outdated Avali Race Mod 0.12.4

The only fluffy nomadic space raptors!

  1. 0.71 Now with, well... any loot.

    Please delete the original mod before installing this update. That goes for any installation but doubly so this time!
    • Fixed significant bug that was preventing data chits spawning (oops!)
    • Migrated armour to new "armor insert" system
    Important! The new armour system will be slightly unfamiliar. Instead of crafting tiered armour sets, Avali characters now get "armour inserts", these are invisible armour pieces that provide the same bonuses and have the same cost as normal tier armor for any other race.

    Armour styles are now classed as "vanity" armour, and can be crafted from the Spinning Wheel for now to keep them seperate. For the moment the standard armour types cost 1 pixel as a temporary measure while people update their armour, but next update those recipes will have "realistic" costs requiring a mixture of components like leather, steel and fabric.
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