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Autich 1.0

Cars for the discerning alien

  1. Cleanup

    Warning! Before you replace old version of the mod remove parked Kukuruz & Kukuruz Opened decoration items if you placed them anywhere on your planets!

    Things I've done for this version:

    Fixed all car lights.
    Fixed Meow model (legs sticking out of the car).
    Added motorboat sound to Werk boat model (big thanks to LoPhatKao for letting me use parts of his Yellow Submarine lua).
    Added shards in all colors.
    Added crafting interface.
    Added recipes.
    Added a bunch of decorative objects and a whole bunch of wired/lamp objects that act like car alarms, i'll let you figure those out yourself.
    Bloated the mod a bit but oh well, I'll try to fix this in the next update if I can.

    Things to do:

    Damage particles
    Gas station that sells liquid erchius
    Traffic signs and assorted street clutter
    Monster truck that I keep on promising
    Maybe some other boats and/or submarines

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