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Outdated Augmented Armors 1.1

Tiered armors with different bonuses

  1. Small update

    • You can now buy the Armor Augmentation Station from the 3D printer for 240 pixels, useful if you want to save 12 iron bars or don't have any to spare when you're past the Beta sector.
    • Reflect augmented armor now has slightly better defense than the racial armor of the same tier, but health, energy, and energy regeneration is one tier lower, equal to the racial armor of the previous tier. Hopefully this makes the armor better for tanking without overpowering it.
    • New sprites...
  2. Enraged Koala update and steel armor crafting fix

    Updated .modinfo for Enraged Koala and fixed a bug that I caught in which augmented steel armor wasn't craftable during tier 2, but instead titanium showed up too soon.

    I did a quick test run just to make sure there were no major changes with Enraged Koala that would break something in this mod just in case more work was needed than changing a single line. On that note, there is a line in the change log that has got me really excited...

    *Engine feature, tech can now be granted by...
  3. The rest of the tiers

    I gone into overtime and decided to finish up the rest of the tiers instead of adding one per update. Now this should be playable regardless of your progress and those at end game won't have to wait any longer. I would still like to do more with this mod, but I'm currently limited to the built in status effects so that doesn't leave much room for more augment types. I would really like to hear feedback on balance between the different augmented armor types.
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  4. Aegisalt and Medic Core update

    • Added Aegisalt armor.
    • Added a new augment, Medic. With a full set of armor, it will give you slightly more health than racial armor of the same tier and slowly regenerate health over time.
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  5. Durasteel update

    • Added Durasteel Augmented Armor.
    • Added custom filter support for Tabula Rasa recipes. Now you can easily see only the recipes added by this mod. However, the button image is not visual pleasing at the moment.
    • Changed Barrier augmented armors to brighter shades of blue.
    • Barrier augmented armors now have different energy regeneration values, which should always be 1/4 the rate of the max energy provided compared to what you would normally regenerate.
    • Shining augmented...
  6. Titanium update

    • Added Titanium augmented armor.
    • Added Tabula Rasa support for all crafting recipes. Note this doesn't require Tabula Rasa and is purely optional.
    • Changed the .zip to actually contain everything inside a folder.