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Outdated Augmented Armors 1.1

Tiered armors with different bonuses

  1. TheLoneGamer
    This is an old mod that will not work with the Upbeat Giraffe update. For the moment, this mod is on hiatus, but not canceled. Please don't use the reviews to address this, but feel free to use the discussion topic. The reworked status effect system means this won't be an easy copy and paste job, at least without missing features. I'm also figuring out how to expand on the concept in what may be an overhaul. What follows below is an outdated description for an older version of Starbound.


    I feel the game currently has little variety in armor aside from appearance. No matter how I play, I'll end up with the same armor (stat wise). Even the planned racial armor bonuses doesn't really sound like it would help with say, those who want more energy for guns and tech, more damage for weapons, and so on. What this mod aims to do is expand your armor options by giving you more of a choice of what your armor does and so your armor can be a part of your playstyle.

    This mod adds a new set of armor that can be augmented to give you different effects. At the moment there are 7 sets of augments. These can be crafted to suit any tier, from iron all the way up to impervium.

    To craft these armors, you need the standard amount of tiered bars to craft it: 20 for the helmet, 35 for the chestpiece, and 12 for the greaves, a total of 67 bars. This can be done at an iron anvil (only for iron tier) or metal work station. The base armor stats are equal to the lower end armor of that tier. I really want to go for balance in this mod and I feel not using the racial tier armor stats as a starting point helps.

    You will need a core that will be the augment to apply. These can be brought at an iron anvil or metal work station for 200 pixels a piece, except the undo core for 100 pixels. To actually apply a core to an augmentable armor, you’ll need to craft an Armor Augmentation Station for 12 iron bars at an iron anvil or metal work station. You can also buy it from the 3D printer for 240 pixels.


    Once you place it down, you can open up the interface for it and there will be two input slots and one output slot. One slot must contain an armor piece and the other must contain a core, order not mattering. There are no set bonuses, so you can mix and match armor pieces. Remember, you can't directly change an armor's augment without first removing it with an undo core (explained more below) to restore it to plain form, ready for another augment.

    Note that if you have Tabula Rasa installed, you can craft the armor pieces, cores, and armor augmentation station from it. A custom filter button will show only the recipes of this mod, making it a lot easier and quicker to access regardless of how many other recipes were added from other mods. You’ll still need the armor augmentation station to apply augments.

    Here is what each of the cores can do…

    • barriercore.png Barrier: Damage is blocked by your energy pool. This armor has lower stats then even the basic armor (about racial armor of one tier lower) and your energy regeneration slows down greatly when worn.
    • energycore.png Energy: A full set gives you double the energy (and regeneration) you would have gained from wearing racial armor of the same tier.
    • mediccore.png Medic: A full set gives you somewhat more health than racial armor of the same tier and slowly regenerates your health, from 1 to full in about 60 seconds. This will be enough to heal you up between down times without stopping to sleep, but likely will make little difference in the heat of battle.
    • nimblecore.png Nimble: The helmet boosts jump height by 50%. The chestpiece doubles running speed. The greaves will completely protect you from fall damage.
    • ragecore.png Rage: A full set increases your damage output by 50%. The helmet adds 15% damage, the chestpiece adds 25% damage, and the greaves adds 10% damage. Note that the increased damage from this armor won't be displayed next to your damage icon in the inventory.
    • reflectcore.png Reflect: A fixed amount of damage is done to whoever hit you with this equipped. Damage done scales with better tiered armor. This also gives slightly more defense than even the racial armor of the same tier, but health, energy, and energy regeneration are one tier lower, equal to the racial armor of the previous tier or none in the case of iron armor.
    • shiningcore.png Shining: Gives as much warmth as Snow Infantry armor and has a small light radius when worn, great for exploring cold planets and in the dark. The light effect stacks with others, including the lantern stick. The glowing effect slightly scales with better tiered armor.
    • undocore.png Undo: This reverts any augmented armor piece back to its plain form, allowing you to apply a different augment to it.

    Unzip the file to your mods folder. On Windows, it should look similar to the following line, although probably a different drive letter...

    “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Starbound\mods”

    If you’re already past the first tier prior to installing this mod, you won’t gain the blueprints for the tier you’re at unless you use an item to relearn that tier’s blueprints. This won't be an issue in the Tabula Rasa crafting menu.

    Do not overwrite the previous installation folder. This will likely cause problems with any changes in file names and folder structures between versions. Instead do a fresh install by first removing the old folder and then installing as normal.

    Mod Compatibility:
    • In general, this should not conflict with any other mods since nothing is overwritten, only added through the __merge command. However any mods loaded after this one that overwrites recipes, like replacing tier 1, will probably remove the crafting recipes added by this mod.
    • MrMagical's Dye Mod is supported by default without any additional work on my part at all. Any armor piece can be dyed and the base/material color will be changed, although the line colors are still augment specific. Keep in mind dyed colors won't transfer when augments are applied or removed. So it's probably best not to dye base armor before applying an augment to it.
    • As noted above, Tabula Rasa is supported.

    Known Issues:
    • The reflect status effect will be insanely powerful against enemies using rapid fire attacks. I don’t know if any possible way at the moment to scale the damage better.
    • Barrier armor might be overpowered for the first tier due to the limited damage enemies do to you. However, this shouldn’t be the case from threat level 2 planets and up.
    • The status effects display outside the window border.
    • I'm not a very good spirit artist, so the armor sprites might look rough at times.
    • Although pretty minor, Medic armor status effects will get in the way of the item's name display.
    • Dyed armors lose their color when augments are changed, due to becoming a different item. I currently don't know of a way to maintain dyed colors between items.

    If you have any issues with this mod, please post in this mod's discussion thread and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

    Future Plans:
    • Possibly more augments
    • Better balance
    • More interesting way of getting cores
    • Better Tabula Rasa filter image
    • Maybe augmented back items fitting in with the augment cores already in

    • Chucklefish for this game, including the sprites I used as a base to draw my own.
    • SnoopJeDi and LowestFormOfWit for creating Tabula Rasa.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. Captain_Camaz
    Version: 1.1
    Awesome mod, and fairly well balanced, but I cant help but notice it's textures are the same with slight color adjustments, which seem bland even at that.
    I'd be willing to help if you need any armor texture updates;
    Steam is captaincamaz.
  2. gorillaslayer228
    Version: 1.1
  3. Nazgul_sauron
    Version: 1.1
    as said previously, i got this for the glowing augment, works great thank you
  4. sethsgfx
    Version: 1.1
    I just wanted to say I downloaded this just for the shining augment. I hate mining in the dark and while there are other ways to get light I prefer your armor set. In the top tiers the energy head mod is absolutely amazing. Thanks for the diligence.
  5. Hanumander
    Version: 1.1
    I seriously can't play Starbound without this anymore. It's a brilliant idea, and the fact that we can choose what augment to use and where is simply perfect. 5 stars despite the sprites. >:) ( they can easily be covered, and probably would be even if they were gorgeous)
  6. Rashen
    Version: 1.0
    Awesome idea for a mod, I really love how the mod works. I originally thought that it was more like Titan quest's "item enhancement" system where as you have to put the enhancement on each piece of armor to get the bonus. But either way it is really cool! I hope to see this mod to continue updating post-release.
  7. TalanthasTheGimp
    Version: 1.0
    Does precisely what it says. Easy to use. The armor itself isn't as powerful as the normal armor of its tier, but with the customization you can truly, and massively, alter how your character is played (this also leaves it well-balanced, and still gives the vanilla armor a purpose). I, for one, use the speed boost from the chest armor, the energy regen from the boots, and the health regen of the helmet. Makes it a lot easier for me to die in a tough fight, but allows me to go non-stop without having to rest or slow down, and I love it. I would imagine there is a great combo of gear out there for everyone's play style. Well done, A+ mod!
  8. BeeTee
    Version: 1.0
    Absolutely fantastic :) While the stats on the impervium armor aren't nearly as good as my modded Solarium T11 armor, the Nimble augmentation more than makes up for it :) Thanks for the update!
  9. greenRAM
    Version: 0.5
    I love that this armor is slightly underpowered, so it becomes a tradeoff whether to use it or the regular armor. I keep trading off defense for the added red offense augment, making the game hectic as I try hard not to die as I blitz through worlds. Great mod. I hope you decide to keep updating it, especially for more base armors.
  10. maronilink
    Version: 0.2
    Great mod jespaire that he(it) is going to evolve until the set Imperium