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Outdated Atomworks Rebirth V3.2

Loads of new items, ores, bars, and helpful machinery

  1. Bug Fixes

    • Hopefully squashed all the compatibility bugs (Please report any remaining immediately)
  2. Crash Fix + Gold changes

    • Gold armor color has been modified slightly
    • Crashing should be fixed
  3. Avali Support + More

    • Snow Infantry Armor is currently no longer "upgradeable" in the mod. They will be released again in a new mod that I'm working on: Galactic Everwinter. Only alloy-based infantry will be available in the mod unless you use both Atomworks and Galactic Everwinter: Atomworks being an addon that just makes metallic "upgrades" craftable
    • Added Novakid inspection lines
    • Added .tierinfo (More information on tiering)
    • Changed sound of plasma machine guns
    • Recyclable (Green)...
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  4. Star Fixes

    • Fixed radioisotope stars to give you the correct blueprintOnPickup
  5. Drill and Shields

    • Added 6 new, craftable shields
    • Added an end-game drill that digs extremely fast in a 4x4 radius, and break after 999,999 uses. (Requires all 3 tiers 6 metals, though)
  6. Fixes and Tweaks

    • (Hopefully) Fixed errors with crafting Snow Infantry and Tier 5 bars
    • Changed "Wulf" to "zWulf" so it loads last (if it still doesn't order things at random)
    A note for anyone wondering where tier 5-6 armor is: You need to craft Platinum armor first, then whatever armor you want in order to unlock the tier 6 armor
  7. Friendly Fire Bubble Cannons

    • Made bubble cannon explosions no longer damage the user
    This update is small and unnecessary, unless you like using the OP bubble cannons